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Second Revolution Erupts For "One-Hour"

Glen Omura, marketing professor at Michigan State University and a frequent participant at PMA events, said, "This is what we've been waiting for…the mass market for digital printing." He calls for "…online printing software companies…to donate their proprietary networks to PMA (and make it open source) so that we can allow anybody to get online and upload images for printing at any PMA store."

Les De Moss, DigiGraphics, Fort Collins, CO, said, "While it presents competition it also puts huge dollars into marketing, increasing consumer awareness and acceptance of digital printing services."

John Castrovillari, New Vision Photo Lab, Stamford, CO, looks at the Wal-Mart program through the eyes of an independent specialist. He said that those who are happy to see Wal-Mart go to one-hour "are not all lab owners." "They don't know how much money the little guy has to compete with the big guys."

But, he concludes, philosophically, "Anyway life goes on and the game keeps getting more interesting."