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Sony Feels Need For Speed With 8-Sec. Print Kiosk

  • Kinkos, already an important Sony customer with about 1,000 PictureStations installed, has purchased over 1,000 Sony UPXC-200 digital, wireless passport stations. These will replace Polaroid cameras that Kinkos has used for many years. A Kinkos spokesperson indicated that the passport service would be offered in virtually every Kinkos location. Kinkos sells passport services for about $12.95.
  • A chain of 51 drug stores in New Jersey, operating under the names of Drug Fair and Cost Cutters, are installing PictureStations in every location. Thirty one of the stores have on-site minilabs, mostly Fuji with Aladdin kiosks. They are expected to be offering a Sony 4R print for 29-cents, according to Larry Pepin, merchandise manager of the parent firm, Community Distributors, Inc.
—Jerry Lansky