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How Do You Raise The Digital Problem Child?

As an industry today we are better prepared to capitalize on it as never before, but the sad fact is today we are where we should have been at the start of digital imaging. Digital output capability has finally caught up capture, Miller feels. "Most major retailers now can offer some solution to the situation. CVS and Wal-Mart are really leading the way. We are now ahead of the curve in offering ways to print rather than behind as we were with digital cameras."

Challenges to be met include improving flash features and zoom lenses. Removable media will become part of the camera phone. Sony's 4- and 5-megapixel models being sold in Japan use the Memory Stick. Others hope to catch on with SD or xD slots. "Early on our focus will be to get the consumer to print at retail. But the pie will still be big enough to encompass home, retail and on-line printing. The bright spot is that the retailer is ready!"

Miller concluded by assuring that new revenue opportunities exist for the entire industry and the retailer, based partly on incremental sales. "The single-use and traditional film cameras will go away," he asserted. "The cameraphone will produce more than we ever thought possible. What to do with all those images will be determined by the people in this room. We have to drive the consumer to printing and not to deleting."