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"A World of Imaging" And Then Some at Photokina 2004

More Than Just Digicams

A few point and shoot models for film capture, were introduced, as was the Nikon F6 film-based SLR, the new flagship film model from that company.

Film companies introduced new and improved emulsions at the show. Even as digital surpasses film usage in the majority of markets, it is still viable in other parts of the world.

And a slew of accessories for every type of photographer—novice, enthusiast and pro could be found throughout the koelnmesse.

Sophie Smoliar Scholarship Awarded

Photographer Herbert Böttcher was presented with the International Photographic Council's Sophie Smoliar Scholarship Award, at a ceremony during photokina. Böttcher's photographs were also on display at the Koelnmesse during photokina. The Scholarship was awarded by the International Photographic Council (IPC) and Photoindustrie-Verband.

Former recipients of the scholarship award were Robert Voit in 2000 and Jürgen Nefzger in 2002.

In his expressive architectural photos, Böttcher uses a modern version of the camera obscura technique, multiple exposure and cross-processing to interpret the form language of contemporary master architects. "What drives me is emotional seeing. I turn my eyes in different directions, because the reality of a view is composed of several perspectives," explains Böttcher. "My mind always tells me that my pictures relate a story—a story with an introduction, a main part and an end."

The award is given to up-and-coming photographers whose work illustrates their commitment to the IPC slogan "Peace Through Understanding, Understanding Through Photography, the Universal Language."

Sophie Smoliar, a journalist who extensively covered the photographic industry, founded the IPC, a non-governmental organization of the United Nations, in 1974. She passed away this year.

Present for the award presentation were (from right to left) IPC vice president Kathy Schneider, Cygnus Business Media; Sophie Smoliar Scholarship award recipient Herbert Böttcher, Thomas Gerwers, ProfiFoto; Constance Clauss, photokina; IPC board member Christian Erhardt, Leica Camera; Machiko Ouchi, Japan Photographic Enterprises Association; and Liz Vickers, Cygnus Business Media.