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The State of the Imaging Industry 2004

Director of Purchasing, D&H Distributing Advice for Minilabs and Photo Dealers
No matter how the end-user captures an image, he will need storage, archiving, and editing capabilities, as well as printing, so the industry should prepare in these areas. As a distributor, D&H is positioning itself to accommodate demand by adding accessory lines, Adobe products, dye sublimation printers, etc., and maintaining inventory in these categories going into the Q4 selling season. This will enable our partners to use distribution to limit their exposure and on-hand inventory.

Political Considerations
Sales at D&H are up double digits, so judging from the current numbers, the election and war should have little effect on the holiday selling season.

Photokina will be about output this year: How to store, manipulate and print your images. End-users will have a lot of images at their disposal, since more and more devices have cameras.

The core camera manufacturer needs to be aware of this issue, especially in light of cellular camera phones. Phone manufacturers have essentially given the end-user an all-in-one device that is always with them. The industry should be especially concerned about competition from cell phone vendors with digital imaging expertise such as Kyocera, Samsung and Sony.

Target Them with Accessories

by Wendy Linsky
Vice President of Peripherals Product Marketing, Tech Data Corporation Tremendous opportunities exist for photo dealers in today's market, and the meteoric rise of digital camera sales is a driving force. That trend is expected to continue as technology improves and leading imaging vendors begin to introduce digital cameras with larger, enhanced LCD displays, quicker processing speeds and higher resolutions.

Savvy resellers are targeting existing digital camera owners with accessories and add-ons such as carrying cases, batteries and memory. By bundling new digital camera sales with accessories including photo printers and storage media like flash drives and portable flash storage, photo dealers can maximize the potential of each sale and further grow their business.

Finding a reliable supplier also is key and Tech Data serves photo resellers through its Digital Imaging Specialized Business Unit (SBU). Tech Data's Digital Imaging SBU tailors its support and product offering to resellers targeting the demand for solutions ranging from digital-image capture to printing to storage to presentation. Tech Data distributes the latest imaging products from vendors such as Sony, Olympus, Nikon, HP, Canon and Kodak. By partnering with Tech Data and leveraging its extensive product line up, e-business capabilities and logistics management, photo dealers are able to concentrate on growing their business.

A Commitment to Pictures

by Bernard Masson
President, Digital & Film Imaging Systems, Eastman Kodak Company Digital imaging is changing the way that people tell their life stories in subtle but profound ways. Today's consumer has a rich set of tools at their fingertips that make it easy to capture everyday moments and stay connected through pictures. The opportunity in front of us is to make it easy for consumers to print and share their pictures, and spark their creativity so that they once again become delighted with the experience, which fuels profitable growth for all of us.

Kodak is committed to offering consumers the broadest, most convenient and easiest way to capture, print, share and store their pictures anytime, anywhere. We are forming new partnerships and creating new products and services in the digital, mobile and traditional categories to meet new consumer demands and channel needs. Photokina serves as an opportune moment to showcase Kodak's new offerings, such as our wireless printer docks, quicker film processing alternatives, digital mini-lab photo finishing solutions in Europe, new integrations of lab software, professional printers, as well as enhancements to current award-winning products and services that give people new printing options and drive category growth, providing incremental revenue growth for retailers.

As the means by which people capture, share and print memories continue to evolve in many promising ways, we are committed to partnering with retailers to build this future and realize its considerable opportunities.

Remaining In the Picture

by Eliott Peck
Vice President and General Manager of Sales for Canon U.S.A., Inc.'s Consumer Imaging Division Each year we establish new digital imaging benchmarks of quality, technology and sales. Digital cameras have since surpassed the number of film cameras sold. While film based cameras remain a profitable part of our industry, the growth of the now digital-dominant photo business presents a new set of opportunities.

Thanks to quantum leaps in digital technology, families are actually buying more digital cameras per household. Once state-of-the-art, one and two megapixel cameras are now "hand me downs" that now serve as a child's introduction to picture taking, while Dad and Mom explore more advanced models such as digital SLRs.

Today entry-level digital cameras include three-plus megapixel image sensors, while Mini-DV camcorders have emerged touting one and two megapixel still image quality, allowing consumers to capture both still and video from one device as well as print directly to a printer via PictBridge technology.