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Stocking Holiday Products

There's still more for your intrepid customers who desire to create their own photo greetings. Many of the specialty inkjet paper manufacturers offer postcard or greetingcard papers in their extensive product lines.

Don't Forget the Film and Batteries
Some other items that make great Point of Purchase sales are batteries and film. One retailer we know fills a fishbowl on the counter with film. Its easy when a customer drops off a roll for processing or picks up their finished prints to grab a couple new rolls as they check out.

When your customers purchase a film-based camera as a gift, suggest that they also provide the recipient with their first few rolls of film. It will definitely be appreciated, since the new camera can now be used straight out of the box.

Batteries are also great to keep on the counter. Batteries are a great add-on sale to any electronic or photographic device that is powered by them. Sell a camera that uses rechargeables and make your customers aware of the convenience of an extra set. When customers purchase a camera or electronic device to be given as a gift, remind them to purchase a set of batteries, so the recipient can enjoy a pleasant experience as soon as the box is opened. This is something that consumers may forget at other times of the year, so it's important to always mention batteries.