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Retailers Shocked But Not Surprised At Phogenix Demise

The Phogenix inkjet minilab had the ability to print approximately 250 4x6 prints per hour. By contrast, digital minilabs in the Fuji Frontier line can produce over 1,000 4x6s an hour.

The low-cost and low-maintenance of the chemical-free Phogenix unit had its appeal to stores like Camera Land in Manhattan though, which does not have room for a full digital minilab.

"The decision by HP and Kodak was shortsighted," Camera Land's Paymer said. "They had a phenomenal product. And once the next version came out, it would have been revolutionary."

To make up for the loss of the Phogenix, Paymer's store has installed two Olympus TruePrint digital photo kiosks instead.

While he likes the Olympus kiosks, Paymer couldn't help sounding a bit disappointed about what might have been. "Don't get me wrong, the picture quality is good on the Olympus. But it was great on the Phogenix."