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Fujifilm Professional Imaging Centers

Classes include both digital and film-based photography. According to Showcase CFO Bob Khoury, "We are instituting more and more digital classes because there is more interest in it. What is astounding are the number of people that still want wet darkroom classes." Because of the large number of students attending the school for Silver Halide-based darkroom classes, Showcase does a healthy amount of darkroom supplies sales.

Zeff Photo Supply has been serving New England photographers for more than 60 years. In addition to its wide range of new camera and photographic equipment, Zeff features a large trade-in and used equipment department. Zeff Photo Supply is the latest retailer to open a Fujifilm Professional Imaging Center on-site.

In addition to the services Zeff already offered, the center provides another avenue for the retailer to offer education to their customers. According to David Gordenstein, president of Zeff Photo Supply, "Education is key." Gordenstein said the center will provide a long-range benefit to Zeff's customers, giving them a dedicated space for hands-on use of the pro equipment. ptn