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Pixel Magic Imaging#2 in the U.S. and Growing

With a ten-year pedigree in the digital imaging business and the second-most kiosk installations in the U.S. (trailing only Kodak), a lot of people should know the name Pixel Magic Imaging by now. The fact that very few people outside the photo industry are familiar with the Pixel Magic brand, however, is exactly the way this Texas-based company wants it.

"We don't actively promote our brand to consumers because our goal is to promote our clients' (retailers) brands to consumers," explained Laura Oles, vice president of Strategic Communications at Pixel Magic. "We're the person behind the scenes making our clients look good."

While Oles was tight-lipped about what Pixel Magic will be releasing at PMA, she did hint that it would be a "fairly major announcement."

Uh, anything else you can tell us Laura?

"It'll be pretty substantial," she said a tad evasively, then added, "What you'll see at PMA is a lot of evolution with our products."

Whatever new stuff Pixel Magic has in store for PMA, they're obviously already doing something right. According to Oles, they have between 4,500 and 6,000 kiosk installations in the U.S. with their main clients being the Eckerd drug store chain and the Michigan-based Meijer superstore chain.

On the higher end, there's the Photo Ditto, one of the industry's leading print-to-print copy stations, and the DPS (Digital Print Station) which accepts a range of digital media, producing quality prints and photo gifts on demand.

All of these machines are part of what Oles calls "a scalable, open solution."

"What Pixel Magic is about is making it easier for your customers to do business with you," she said. "This is one of the most critical tenets our company has."

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Whitech Spans the Globe

Around the world, photo retailers have been putting Whitech's point-of-sale (POS) software and digital kiosks to the testand they like what they see. With Whitech's software/kiosk "one-two punch," retailers can offer a total lab management solution to suit their customers' needs. Based in Sydney, Australia but with offices in London and New York, Whitech is a leading POS supplier to the photographic market, whose Business Professional product has been recommended in Australia by Kodak (Australia) Pty Ltd. as the preferred point-of-sale software. Business Professional has the ability to generate a job sheet, track and trace orders, transfer data between stores, manage stock, suppliers and customers; take in film, negatives, digital work, repairs and output a large number of reports designed to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase profits.

But Whitech has also stayed up with the times by introducing an innovative kiosk that handles both film and digital media. At first glance, Photo.Teller may look like a traditional stand-alone kiosk, but a closer inspection reveals that it accepts a variety of flash memory cards and disks for processing, in addition to offering print services for traditional 35mm film, reprints from negatives (APS, 120mm, 35mm) and enlargements. Photo.teller also lets you print to any brand of digital printing machine; print to dye-sub and inkjet printers; burn to CD and DVD; edit and color correct images; and link directly to Business Professional POS software. Whether the retailer prefers to outsource the digital work or print it locally, Photo.teller helps ensure that they're digitally compliant. For those retailers who are classified as a digital lab, photo.teller will route to on-site minilabs printing directly to any brand of printing machine. On the other hand, for retailers who prefer to only take in digital work and outsource the processing, photo.teller will do this by sending the work via the Whitech network.

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