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The Digital Evolution

During Stoev's presentation, the final one of the evening, she said she'd decided to dispatch with her planned PowerPoint presentation and just speak off the cuff.

"The fundamental reason why people are taking pictures is not changing. People are taking pictures to preserve memories for future generations," she said. The hurdle though is to get new digital camera users to overcome the feelings of "trepidation" they have about the entire digital process, she added.

"The consumers who are coming into the market are feeling as if they're being dragged into digital. And they're also thinking that these emailed images are cold. They're saying; 'It's not the same feeling I had when I handed someone a print.'"

This dilemma, Stoev said, is known as "the Digital Divide."

"What happens when you get to that point where you have a digital image and you don't know what to do with it. Retailers, this is an excellent place for you to tell them what to do with it."

She advised retailers to become "Digital Mentors" to their customers. "Tell them getting a print isn't as hard as you may think it is, and then show them how."