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PTN 2003 Dealer of the Year

Digital photography classes, which Pat teaches, have averaged about 15 one-night sessions in January. This year though with the popularity of digital reaching new heights, he expects to schedule at least 20 classes for January.

Dennis teaches the beginning traditional photography classes which are three-night sessions. Idaho Camera also offers one-night classes in video.

Enrollment for the sessions is simple. "When you buy a camera of any type you're invited to come to class for free. If you and your wife have bought the camera, for instance, you can both come," Dennis says.
They get so much response to the classes they've actually had to turn away non-Idaho Camera customers who offered to pay for the sessions. "We typically don't have any more room," Pat explains.
Approximately 1,000 people go through Idaho's classes every year.

"While you might be able to get some information on photography off the Internet, people like to be able to talk to somebody, and I think that's why our classes are so popular," Pat says. - D.H.