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Nikon D100 Captures PTN's 'Top Product of the Year' Honor

For the last nine years, Pioneer has been tops with our readers. A variety of Pioneer's albums received votes this year, with the most going to ECO LTD Bi-Directional Textured Mulberry Photo Albums. Available in six cover designs, featuring natural brown pages, Pioneer's patented Bi-Directional pages offer many features.

Albums: TieBurnes of Boston and Gibson

While Burners of Boston is often in contention for this category, this is the first year in our memory that Gibson has finished in the top two. So to the old hand and the newcomer to the list, bravo!

Winner Frames: Dennis Daniels

Dennis Daniels offers a wide variety of frames, including both contemporary and traditional, to complement any decor. With a diverse offering of sizes, color and materials, it's clear why our readers chose Dennis Daniels' frames as the winner in the frames category this year.

Frames: Burnes of Boston

Last year was the seventh in a row that Burnes of Boston was chosen as winner of this category. This year, they are the runner-up, close behind Dennis Daniels. Burnes offers many different frames for all tastescontemporary, fun and traditional.

Winner Film: Fuji

Fujifilm again takes top honors in the film category this year. Several different films received votes including Superia, Provia and NPH

Film: Kodak

This is the second year in a row that Kodak has come up just short and earned runner-up honors in the film category. Although last year we also featured an APS film category which Kodak won, this year all film formats were combined into one film category. A variety of films, including Portra, Royal Gold and Max received votes.

Honorable Mention Film: Agfa

For the second year in a row, PTN is awarding Agfa an honorable mention for the large amount of votes it received in the film category. No longer a Fuji vs. Kodak film war, Agfa is closing in on Big Yellow and Big Green.

Winner Batteries: Varta

Talk about dominance, Varta batteries have been the clear winner of this category for the past nine years. The entire line captured votes this time around, including Alkaline, Lithium and Rechargables, proving that Varta's a powerful seller for retailers.

Batteries: GE/Sanyo

As with the last two years, GE/Sanyo finished a close second to Varta again in this year's poll.

Winner Digital Photo Kiosk: Kodak Picture