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Nikon D100 Captures PTN's 'Top Product of the Year' Honor

Winner — Medium Format Camera: Mamiya 645AF

In this highly competitive category, Olympus' entire line of consumer level digital cameras have again taken top honors from retailers participating in our survey. From the Brio to the Camedia to the E10 and E20, Olympus digicams are a popular choice.

Medium Format Camera: Pentax 645NI

Pentax's medium format cameras have consistently rated high with our readers. For the last three years now, Pentax medium format cameras have garnered enough votes to take the runner-up spot.

Winner — Camcorder: Canon's line

Canon's entire line of camcorders received tons of votes this year, so many in fact that there is no runner up in this category, Canon stole the show. From the ZR 40 to the 8400 to the Optura and Elura models, retailers gave Canon the nod as the best in the category. Last year was the first that PTN incorporated a camcorder category and Canon was tops then too.

Camcorder: NONE

Like we said, no one came close...

Winner—Interchangeable Lens: Tamron's line

Tamron continued its dominance in this category again this year with its entire line of interchangeable lenses once again besting the competition. As with every year in this category, the only drama surrounds which Tamron lens will come out ahead of the others. In this case, the Tamron 28-300 received the most votes from our readers with the 28-200 not far behind. But other Tamron lenses hauled in the votes too which shows just how popular they are with retailers and consumers alike.

Interchangeable Lens: TieNikon and Promaster lines

Nikon and Promaster tied for the runner-up position in this category, with each receiving a number of votes. Both lines of lenses offer a range of fixed and zoom options.

Winner — Electronic Flash: Tie—Nikon and Promaster

As they did with interchangeable lenses, Nikon and Promaster tied in the best electronic flash category, but in this case, they're the overall winners. Showing that Promaster may be gaining ground on Nikon, Promaster was the runner-up in 2001 to Nikon and this year, it was a dead heat. This year's first place victory makes it eight years in a row that Nikon's taken top honors in this category. Promaster has now won it twice.

Winner — Camera Bag: Lowepro

Lowepro makes it three in a row this year by once again capturing the best camera bag category. The entire line received votes including the Dryzone, Nova and Topload series.

Camera Bag: Tamrac

This is also three years in a row that Tamrac finished right on the heels of Lowepro with the runner-up distinction in the category.

Winner — Albums: Pioneer