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Other Inkjets Follow HP Into the Minilab Market; Dye-Sub Could Take A Hit

Pricing: Al sells a single 4R from the Fuji for .55-cents; from the Phogenix DFX, .69-cents; 5x7, $2.99 vs. $3.95; 8x10, $4.49 vs. $6.95. Al said price has not been an issue and he has been doing from one to seven orders a day with an average revenue per order at about $20. The only merchandising has been a large sign in front of the store that reads: "Get Your Digital Images Printed Here!"

As might be expected, when word got around that Classic had the very first Phogenix unit on its floor, Al started attracting a whole bunch of new 'customers' for a look-see. They could have been for real, but Al could spot them for what they were: spies. One group came in and were hard to miss: 10 Japanese men, dressed in suits. Not what one would expect in this small Southern California community.

Steve Roth, Phogenix's marketing manager, said one surprise has been the large number of CDs, rather than flash cards, that have been brought into Classic for prints. Of all orders, 47% were from flash media, 36% have been from CDs and 17% from flatbed scans.

There has always been an expectation that once customers are able to make their choice as to what to print and how, they'll print more enlargements. Steve said that 89% of the prints made at Classic have been 4x6 and 11% enlargements. In revenue, 4R's represented 55% of the dollars, enlargements 45%.

"What have you learned about the DFX in the alpha test, Steve?" He said there has been some tweaking of the user interface to expedite order flow and make the monitor selections more friendly.

"Hey, Al, will you buy the DFX when it becomes available?" "I would seriously consider it," he said. Why not, Al, with Phogenix headquarters only two miles away you'll get platinum treatment. J.L.

Jerry Lansky is president of MiniLab Consultants, Inc.,

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