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DataPlay shut down operations in mid-October, eliminating the company's last 80 jobs. At its peak, the Boulder-based DataPlay employed 240 employees worldwide.

While DataPlay's disks were geared toward music storage, they were also seen as a viable format to record and store digital images. The low cost and disposability of write-once cards have made them a potential alternative to more costly rewritable formats. Some analysts have speculated consumers might be more comfortable dropping off a cheaper write-once card for digital developing at a lab rather than leaving behind a pricier CompactFlash card or IBM Microdrive.

Sony Japan recently announced it would introduce a write-once Memory Stick and Thomson Multimedia was expected to begin offering write-once Matrix 3-D memory cards this year. Dan Havlik

Second Annual Sophie Smoliar Scholarship Awarded at photokina

The International Photographic Council (IPC) and Photoindustrie-Verband e.V. recently presented Jürgen Nefzger with the Sophie Smoliar Scholarship Award at photokina in Cologne, Germany. Nefzger is a German photographer currently based in Paris, France. The award is given to up-and-coming photographers whose works illustrate their commitment to the IPC slogan "Peace Through Understanding, Understanding Through Photography, the Universal Language." Attendees to photokina were able to to view Nefzger's photographs in the exhibition space provided to him and Robert Voit, recipient of the first Sophie Smoliar Scholarship award at photokina 2000. Pictured (left to right) are: Rainer Schmidt, managing director of the Photographic Industry Association, award recipient Jürgen Nefzger, and Kathy Schneider, group publisher, Cygnus Business Media and vice president of the IPC.

And the Winner Is...

PTN is proud to announce that Paul Comon of Paul's Photo Inc., Torrance, CA is the winner of the Pixel Magic Megapixel PhotoStation. PTN would like to thank all of the retailers who completed PTN's 2002 Reader Survey.

Pixology Signs With Top Camera Company To Use IRISS Anti-Red-Eye Technology

U.K-imaging company Pixology announced last month it had signed a deal with a "top 5 global digital camera manufacturer" to use Pixology IRISS (Intelligent Red-Eye Imaging Software Solution) in the company's digital cameras.

According to Yuval Yashiv, CEO of Pixology, the "global player" cannot be named at this stage, but a full announcement and launch will be made during PMA 2003 in Las Vegas next March.

"We are delighted to have signed this deal and look forward to the launch of the products next year," Yashiv said. "This is the first endorsement of our technology that we announced earlier this year and we expect to deploy it across a range of imaging devices in the near future."

Pixology IRISS was developed to combat the problem of red-eye in images. Acknowledged as one of the biggest problems in consumer photography, red-eye is caused by the reflection of light from the flash off blood vessels in the retina. With the advent of increasingly smaller digital cameras, the red-eye problem has been exacerbated as the distance between the camera flash and lens has become reduced.

According to Pixology, the key components involved in creating a successful solution for red-eye are automatic detection and correction in conjunction with a minimal level of false detection, all of which need to be accomplished in seconds.

Under the terms of the deal the technology will initially be integrated into the software bundled with digital cameras commencing in 2003.

Life in the Digital Age

Digital America: Capturing Life in the Digital Age is a traveling exhibition of digital photography by sixteen photographers at the forefront of digital. Capturing Life in the Digital Age will be shown in San Francisco November 16-December 13, then travel to New York and Chicago. The exhibition is being sponsored by Olympus America and Pictorico Ink Jet Media. The photographers include Jeff Dorgay, Douglas Dubler, Al Gilbert, Judy Herrmann, John Isaac, Greg Kinch, Stephen Marc, and Mike Starke.