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Lucidiom's software lets you offer the ability to create DVDs with your customer's children as the star
variety of interactive DVD titles are now available from Lucidiom
Sony's new compact PictureStation kiosk
Whitech lets your customers get creative with photobooks

Swift says, "We wanted a reliable, cost-effective kiosk that our customers could use without us having to have a staff person present all the time." He continues, "After looking at a lot of options, we decided the Mitsubishi was the best way to go because it's so fast and easy for the customers to use without assistance."

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Customers Love Getting Creative at Home With Their Photos-So Let Them!

Whitech Solutions lets your customers get creative at home-while the retailer still profits-through the company's Creative@Home software. Finished orders can be either mailed to the customer or picked up in-store. The company will be showcasing the new software at PMA next month, and you can test-drive it at their booth.
Korosh Delnawaz, president of Whitech USA, explains, "Busy customers appreciate the opportunity to order from home. They can take as much time as they like or even save their order and finish it at a later time." He adds that, "Creative@Home complements the in-store kiosk to drive more orders."

Products that your customers can create with the new software include photobooks and other photo gifts, collage prints, calendars, canvas prints, photo movies, greeting cards, and much more. Whitech offers more than 100 products that your photofinishing customers can order via the kiosks in-store or using the Creative@Home software, and the company plans to continually add new templates and products.

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