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Color by Numbers
Color Management isn’t just a simple formula that all photographers easily adopt into their workflow. Enter the ProLab

Examples from LustreColor. Before (above) and after (below), with the correct color and exposure.

Some of LustreColor’s customers take advantage of the lab’s Direct Print service (strictly outputting at the lab), but that accounts for less than 5% of their sales.

“These customers work within our native sRGB, which is the space all our output devices work in,” says Wilson. “As long as they ‘Spyder’ [calibrate] their monitors, it works out just fine. There’s also overlap with customers: Sometimes a customer will direct-print, other times, for more difficult work like weddings, they’ll have us do the color-correcting. All our customers appreciate the services we offer, because they often feel they spend too much time just editing, let alone color-correcting.”