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Extreme Minilab Makeovers

ide open space and the atmosphere of a livingroom
Riviera Imaging after the redesign. Wide open space and the atmosphere of a livingroom make customers feel comfortable.
kids a table and toys
Riviera Imaging now offers kids a table and toys, to keep busy while mom prints.
Riviera Imaging store circa 1994
The look of the Riviera Imaging store circa 1994. Even then there was comfortable seating.
Chris Lydle
Chris Lydle standing next to his “Pardon Our Progress...” poster.
Dick and Mike Walden
Dick and Mike Walden of Ames, IA-based Walden Photo.

As far as new equipment, they're also looking at the HP system and the photobook systems from Fuji/Xerox and are in discussions with Canon about adding a digital copier. "New-generation digital photo processing kiosk front-ends are allowing us to expand out as the market shifts to digital output at retail," says Walden. "With new digital lounges and spas, we as retailers are looking to generate a strong revenue stream, keep overhead low and margins healthy, and significantly grow our market share." PTN