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Girls with Digital Camera
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“We tried a few times with the younger kids and didn’t have much success,” he continues. “I think in part that was because we are a destination, not in a mall where the kids could get to us without a parent giving up part of their day to drive to us. It also seemed the products the younger groups were into were more volatile—we have enough of that with our main product groups!”

Keeping kids educated about the products they’re buying with their babysitting cash is critical to repeat business—both now and when they’ve passed through puberty. “We work closely with the Boys and Girls Clubs, helping them with camera needs, classes, and assistance in judging photo contests and printing enlargements that will be entered in regional and national competitions,” Beauchamp says. “Additionally, we offer tours of our stores to the Scouts, local schools, and church groups that have interest. We also go out and speak to classes from third grade to seniors in high school regarding photography, retailing, and marketing.”

Dan’s Camera City is launching a new “Parent’s Club” for parents of kids 10 years of age and younger—once more hoping to nab the older generation and, perhaps indirectly, their precocious progeny. “It was ironic we planned this age cutoff, then received the PMA data showing this is the age where parents printing photos really starts to drop off,” says Woodland. “We have partnered with several other area businesses that are also ideal for parents to add value to our club.”

Bedford’s unique partnership with the Times Record newspaper and Ballman Elementary School sends children to a local park for a fun outing with food and special events. The kids are hooked up with 100 single-use cameras and processing. “The newspaper will actually run a full page of the better shots and the students’ names that snapped them,” says Beauchamp. “The opportunities to work with youth in the community and educate them about a great, lifelong hobby are endless!”

In the meantime, as retailers work to attract a younger demographic to their stores, I continue to save up my paycheck residuals for that shiny special-edition iPod. Or maybe my son will get one for his birthday… PTN