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The system utilizes Mitsubishi's DPS Kiosk 7000 terminals, along with the DPS Click 5000 print servers. With the DPS Click 5000 set up behind the counter as a print server, 10 DPS Kiosk 7000 terminals and five Mitsubishi CP-9550DW-U or CP-3020DAU photo printers can be incorporated into the system. The CP-9550DW-U is capable of printing 3.5x5, 4x6, 5x7, 7x8, and 6x9 sizes. The CP-3020DAU offers 8x10 and 8x12 prints.

The input terminals accept a range of media cards, CDs, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity for added customer convenience. In addition to normal print output, the Flexible Photo Lab Solution also allows retailers to offer their customers a range of digital services that include slideshows, photo decorations and editing, multiprint layouts, and photo ID and passport printing.

We spoke with Darla Achey, product marketing specialist, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America, Imaging Products, at the PMA show, where she showed us possible configurations of a retailer's Flexible Photo Lab Solution. "The Flexible Photo Lab Solution takes much of the hard work out of photo services and provides retailers with a reliable and easy-to-manage-and-maintain revenue engine that provides customers with quality, value, and good reasons to return to the store," said Achey.

For retailers looking to incorporate a chemical-free kiosk and backlab solution, the Mitsubishi system offers printing via the company's dye-sub printers; however, it can be hooked up to a chemical minilab if a retailer wants to be able to route printing to a minilab.

Idaho Retailer Replaces Chemical Setup With Mitsubishi System

e decision to go dry was an easy one. Owner Sandy Akre recently changed her entire line of one-hour, chemical minilab photofinishing to Mitsubishi's DPS Click 5000 digital photo processing system.

"We purchased the Click system with two CP-9550DW-U printers and have one set to 4x6 and another at 5x7," said Akre. "This means that if we have large orders that come in, we can have both running at once and cut the print time in half. We bought the system from SouthPoint Imagingin and have been happy with its performance since it was installed."

"We were using a one hour chemical photo machine for nearly eight years and we felt the harsh chemicals were making the store tough to comfortably work in and less welcoming to our customers," Akre continued. "Also, when we took a step back and re-evaluated the process it took to develop photos— mixing the chemicals and meticulously processing each photo— it became evident that we needed somthing a bit faster.

The chemical minilab was also an analog unit, so that meant Akre's Photo Stop was sending digital orders out for printing.

Configuring the two printers to output the same size prints is quick and easy for Akre's staff. "It only takes a matter of minutes to change the settings and switch the paper and we can do so without worrying about exposing the film or having to deal with chemicals and film paper," Akre said. "So, for instance, in the summertime when we have a larger crowd of tourists stopping through, we may switch both printers to 4x6 to make our operation that much quicker," she added.

The DPS Click 5000 system frees up Akre's employees to focus on other tasks and orders around the store as well. "We have the system set up on a desk so that all we have to do is help the customers load their memory card and select which files to print. It's so easy though, most customers can do it themselves and we just check in to make sure they don't need any additional help," she said.

For specialty image printing, such as photo holiday cards and all occasion cards, Akre's customers can use the DPS Click 5000 to choose from a set of Aperion frames and borders, to easily design and create their personalized annoucements.

The store also easily outputs passport and immigration photos. "The DPS Click 5000 system also allows us to print passport photos very quickly using intuitive function buttons to configure the photos for different countries," said Akre.

"There are additional settings that we could download for cards, but the system came pre-loaded with so many options we didn't find it necessary to obtain anymore."

"Overall, the biggest benefit is that we can provide our customers with the same print capabilities but with our own personalized, friendly service," she concluded.

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