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PMA Shows a Host of Ancillary Services for Retailers & Labs

YourStamps by Fujifilm
The BallStars Heat Transfer Systems
The BallStars Heat Transfer Systems
Brooke International HR-1218SA puzzle machine
Brooke International HR-1218SA puzzle machine
BabyFaces Juniors
BabyFaces Juniors by
Vinyl skins for Kodak EasyShare digital cameras
Vinyl skins for Kodak EasyShare digital cameras by SkinIt Inc.
The MPX-70 Metaza Photo Impact Printer
The MPX-70 Metaza Photo Impact Printer from Roland DGA
Aperion's Digital Celebration Photo Greetings
Aperion's Digital Celebration Photo Greetings

Each SkinIt skin is easy to apply and has a protective element—providing the digital camera with another layer of safety from scratches and other damage. The skin can be easily removed, allowing users to personalize their cameras as often as they choose without damaging the product. In addition to the skins for Kodak EasyShare digital cameras, consumers can personalize nearly 1,000 other mobile devices, including other digital camera brands, cellphones, iPods, laptops, PDAs, PCs, and gaming devices.

Heavy Metal
The MPX-70 Metaza Photo Impact Printer from Roland DGA ( allows retail photo shops and professional photography studios to offer customers a wide range of personalized giftware. The desktop device uses a unique technology to create permanent impressions into jewelry, pendants, key chains, clothing, and charms.

The MPX-70 permanently imprints digital images into hard acrylic and metal surfaces, including aluminum, stainless steel, brass, gold, silver, and platinum.

The desktop device uses a carbide-tipped stylus to strike the surface with high speed and precision. It accurately reproduces the delicate gradations of halftone, line art, and/or text. The MPX-70 achieves resolutions up to 529 dpi and can personalize pendants in less than six minutes.

Art for Art's Sake
TreasureKnit ( can beautifully transform consumer's digital images into paintings with its new TKCanvas technology, which uses digital brush strokes to mimic the look and feel of a painting. The image is then printed on high-quality textured canvas using museum-quality, acid-free, pigmented archival ink. Then a UV-resistant, roll-laminated film is applied to the TKCanvas using heat to provide maximum protection from the sun, scratches, and moisture. Each TKCanvas is stretched and wrapped around an interior wood frame and mounted with picture staples, allowing each image to be hung with or without a frame.

Pastels Are Back "In"
DigitalCustom ( is a leader in custom digital image editing and art services, photo restorations, and custom art prints sold through specialty retailers in North America and Japan. The company recently announced a major promotion program of its photo-to-pastel service, offering retail partners a complimentary 20x24 store display showing "before" and "after" images. It is helping its reseller partners to aggressively promote pastel illustrations to consumers.

DigitalCustom's creative services manager, Jeffrey Busdieker, commented: "Although our pastel product is done by artists with 'digital chalk,' we often see people try to smudge the 'chalk' on the paper. This realism reflects the efforts of our extraordinary creative team."

Pastels are based on studio or candid photographs and are printed on premium art papers with giclée printers. Pastels typically are printed at 16x20 or larger and are often custom-framed. The cost of a DigitalCustom pastel is a fraction of that of a commissioned portrait, and satisfaction is guaranteed.

Greetings From Aperion
Aperion's ( Digital Celebration Photo Greetings collection of photo cards, calendars, sport cards, awards certificates, scrapbook pages, and more have been designed specifically for use with today's digital labs. Their greetings seamlessly blend customer photos and greeting-card art for a look your customers will love.

Choose from hundreds of popular, traditional templates or fun, contemporary designs. All greetings include room for personalization, and most come in horizontal and vertical formats. The company also includes artwork that you can use to promote this exciting and profitable service.

Good PhotoTidings to All
PhotoTidings ( was showcasing their new Holiday Designer Kits at PMA. The kits offers full designer-style templates for special occasions. Each kit contains a variety of 4x8 Slimline Cards, Borders, 5x7 Announcement Cards, Bookmarks, and Mini Stand-Up Cards at special prices.

Edible Announcements
Snapshot Chocolate (, announced the introduction of new personalized chocolate greeting cards.

American photo-taking has escalated to a $4 billion market, and American chocolate consumption is an estimated 3 billion pounds of chocolate, totaling $13.1 billion in sales. Additionally, America purchases an estimated 7.4 billion greeting cards, which translates to a $6.3 billion sales industry.

Snapshot Chocolate's line of "Personalized" Chocolate Greeting Cards offers a delicious alternative to a generic greeting card. The entire 5.5x5-inch-square card in a CD jewel case is chocolate, edible, and personalized with names and dates. A unique assortment of specialty occasion cards and a whimsical line of "Diva" cards, geared toward women, will be available at personalization Web-based, mail-order, and brick-and-mortar shops.