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Jenny on the (Megapixel) Block
Women are still out in full force, snatching up digicams and creating collages at picture stations—now it's up to you to capitalize on it


Omura adds that retailers are even renovating their stores to accommodate market demands. "Several store owners have renovated and/or built their stores to follow our design suggestions, including Lakeside Camera Photoworks in Louisiana, The Picture Spa in New Jersey, and Art's Cameras Plus in Wisconsin," he says. "Other stores have adopted parts of what we suggested last year." ColorTec in New York adopted the idea of digital visualization software to assist in custom framing. "Owner James Park is ecstatic over the sales and profit results. The amazing thing is that the sales area of his Manhattan store was only 400 sq. ft. to begin with. All the evidence we have so far indicates success."

Retailers are also coming up with creative ideas to market to women who come into their stores. While referring specifically to using the HP Photosmart Studio, the following examples from McCurry's report certainly can apply to the entire retail experience. Mike Worswick (Wolfe's Camera, Topeka, KS) is planning on hosting home parties where moms will share experiences, see samples, receive introductory gift certificates, and explore what HP's Studio can do for them. Michelle Bogosian (The Camera Shop) is offering to have birthday parties in her store at which each girl attending will decide to create either a book or a poster (another incentive for moms to come in, since they are likely the ones planning their kids' birthday parties).

But word-of-mouth seems to be the most effective way to date to attract women into retailers' stores. "Here's the specialty store's opportunity," McCurry says. "Mass retailers can't spread word-of-mouth as effectively as independent local stores. You have a window of opportunity. Seize it!"