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Making an Experience Out of Printing
Kiosk cafés, lounges, bars, & spas invite your customers to stay and print awhile

customers at The Foto Stop
display at Cardinal Camera & Video Center
woman at Cardinal Camera & Video Center
Arista Camera Specialists website
Arista Camera Specialists markets its digital print stations on its website; explaining to visitors on the webpage that utilizing the company’s digital printing services will allow them to get great prints.

What is better than user-friendly kiosks? A user-friendly staff. Having helpful, attentive employees can make all the difference in users' café experiences. Provide in-store kiosk training sessions so that the staff is equipped to handle customer issues.
  • Refreshment Stations
    Access to food and drink seems to be a key factor in keeping customers around. Light pastries, sandwiches, water, tea, energy drinks, and coffee can go a long way toward making a positive impact on foot traffic and profits.
  • Entertainment
    Television, internet access, and reading material are also ideal to occupy nonprinting customers—whether it's someone waiting for a spouse, parent, or friend. Promote your café as having something for everyone.
  • Children's Corner
    An area stocked with coloring books, toys, computers, and other attention grabbers can entertain kids—leaving customers time to focus on their prints.
  • Photo Paraphernalia
    The option to purchase frames, albums, and other accessories may be helpful for busy customers who have precious little time. Turn your café into a one-stop shop.
  • Special Offers
    Offer customers incentives to print at your shop. For example, coupon cards for 10 free digital prints, and discounts on select days and holidays may be the deciding factor in someone choosing your destination over a competitor's.
  • Offer Classes
    In-store kiosk classes for customers are also a useful tool to attract them. If users are equipped with the knowledge, they'll feel more comfortable printing at your café.


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