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What Happens in Vegas...Shouldn't ALWAYS Stay in Vegas!

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Jennifer, will visit  PMA's Complete Picture Inspiration Center
Jennifer, the Generation X woman knows what she wants, and has the spending power to become your best customer. If you’re in retail today—you need to be aware of her shopping needs and desires. Visiting PMA's Complete Picture Inspiration Center can help you understand this powerful demographic.
PMA's The Complete Picture concept store
PMA's The Complete Picture concept store is back for a second run at this year’s show, with new elements and ideas for retailers to take home.
PMA's The Complete Picture concept store

Bill McCurry, chairman of McCurry Associates in Princeton, NJ, has his own perspective on The Complete Picture project: "Can't stress enough how important this information can be for many PMA members. Those who took The Complete Picture message to heart have done well…the old days of ugly stores won't drive your volume or profits."

By the way, Bill will be making his own presentations at noon on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday in The Complete Picture booth and "will be talking about how retailers can capitalize on TCP ideas." No charge for this one.

I mentioned earlier that when in Las Vegas, a 20-hour day is typical. Chris Lydle has a more realistic perspective when it comes to attending a PMA convention: "Sleep? We don't need stinkin' sleep!" Aussie Alan Logue piped in: "I thought no one slept in Vegas, anyway."

If you don't sleep while at PMA in Las Vegas, we won't tell. It will Stay In Vegas.