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State of the Industry 2006 I

Our Live View innovation is but one example of how Olympus has maximized digital capabilities of DSLRs. We continue to develop new innovative solutions such as the patented Dust Reduction System for virtually spot-free photos, our full line of Zuiko Digital Specific lenses, and Scene Select modes for ease-of-use. With the increase of first-time buyers and point-and-shoot owners moving up to DSLRs, Scene Select modes assist users to easily capture high-quality images.

Many of our innovations are found across the industry today, and developing new solutions for the advancement of photography and the improvement of image quality will continue to be our focus in the future.

The challenge in today’s marketplace, for all companies across the imaging industry will be to combine high-end technology with ease-of-use, allowing everyone (professionals and amateurs alike) to easily capture great images.

Digital technology has greatly changed the imaging industry’s landscape. We launched our first digital camera in 1996, and are proud to be celebrating our 10th anniversary in digital photography this year. Some of our competitors have not been as lucky, as was evident with Konica Minolta.

This changing landscape also brings new competitors to the marketplace—particularly in the DSLR market. The challenge for everyone will be to understand the end user, provide cameras that meet their needs for superior image quality and truly add value to their lifestyles.

Photo specialty dealers have the opportunity to provide superior education and service (beyond what other retailers can offer). However, they must make the shopping experience easier. Their challenge is to make customers feel comfortable, not intimidated, and provide a pleasant shopping experience.

Imaging Is About More Than Just Pictures
Richard E. Campbell, Director, Imaging Product & Marketing Group with Brian Kimberlin, Director of Marketing, Panasonic Battery Group

“Today’s market is volatile in terms of pricing and marketing, so I think it is important to take into account that imaging is no longer just about taking pictures. Think about what you offer the consumer. In today’s market, consumers want to capture and view photos. Are you offering SD Cards, photo printers, projectors and plasmas in addition to cameras?”

“I think you are going to see more enhanced feature offerings. Panasonic has led the way with MEGA OIS and wide angle zoom capability in compact cameras and I also think these trends will continue. There will also be a focus on what to do with your images after you’ve taken them.”

“As consumers watch things globally they will have to make a number of hard choices on where to spend their money. At Panasonic we are always looking to give consumers the best value for their money.”

“The industry needs to further enhance the end consumers’ experience by offering the best options to not only take the best photos, but also view, share, manage and sort those images. End consumers today want to take more pictures and do more with them. The industry needs to concentrate on carrying products that make the end consumers’ entire photography experience more fulfilling.”

Every dealer should carry Panasonic Oxyride batteries, in addition to their full line of accessories. Oxyride batteries have been proven to deliver up to two times as many photos in digital cameras when compared to alkaline. A new and improved Oxyride battery coming in late 2006 will deliver even greater performance. Panasonic is committed to providing the complete solution to photo retailers, with everything from the DMC-L1 digital SLR to the DMC-LZ5, a point-and-shoot model that ships with AA Oxyride batteries for the best consumer experience.

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