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Marketing Ideas: Great Concepts That Work

Gary Grinaker’s full color postcards
The Photo Express’ Gary Grinaker’s full color postcards are a great way to get out his marketing message.
David Guidry—Lakeside’s own brand of hot sauce
A hot idea from Lakeside Camera & Imaging’s David Guidry—Lakeside’s own brand of hot sauce.

“To insure that the correct card is returned to the customer I have small card cases which I bought from Argraph. I stick a white Avery label on the outside of the case on which I write the customer’s name. Then I drop it into the D+P bag.”

On the outside of the D+P bag I stamp: “DO NOT DISCARD THIS BAG. YOUR MEMORY CARD IS INSIDE.”

“When the work is picked up, I remove the card from the case. At that point, many customers buy the case which I sell for $1.00. If they don’t want the case, I just cross out their name and reuse it.

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