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2006 State of the Distributor Industry

Position Yourself as the Photo Expert

Pete Richichi, Executive Vice President, Sales & Marketing, WYNIT, Inc.

Today’s dealer can compete against large retail chains by offering expert service to customers and creating an environment where consumers want to return again and again to their store. Creating foot traffic needs to be a major goal for every dealer, and working with a photo-centric distributor that understands all the nuisances can be a major asset to the dealer. This can happen if they offer a variety of output services like large-format printing, framing, and storage options for the customer to consider. This will enhance floor traffic and create repeat business as dealers position themselves as the knowledgeable photo expert.

Photo dealers are learning that removable memory cards and other storage devices are profitable products to sell consumers who own personal video players, recorders, cellphones, digital picture frames, and GPS devices.

Although color photography is a big hit with consumers, there will always be a place for quality black-and-white photographic supplies. Photo education, fine-art photographers, and commercial labs continue to rely on Ilford Photo B&W products that are now available exclusively from Wynit.

Understanding your audience is key to growing any business. It’s equally important to know that today’s young buyers are greatly impacting the market with a growing demand for MP3 players. Offering these devices to customers allows them not only to save music but to store e-books and videos and even record class notes.

A distributor plays a key role by allowing the dealer to focus on selling instead of concentrating on warehouse issues. A distributor can tell them what the next hottest product will be and how they can cross-market to current customers. Because Wynit assigns dedicated sales reps to each customer, we learn each dealer’s needs and can assist them in targeting the right products for their business. Our job is to provide resellers with the distribution tools they need most, such as same-day shipping and drop-ship capabilities to expand their business without carrying inventory.

The photo dealer continues to enjoy the consumers’ respect as the “expert” and will be their first choice when deciding where to buy camera equipment. Combining this expertise with a good variety of products and accessories will encourage the customer to continue shopping at their store. Dealers have a passion for photography and need to make sure everyone who creates floor traffic for them see that on every visit. Their sales staff has to be knowledgeable and ready to assist with the right answers. We can help them achieve these goals by providing product and market information, because we’ve been in this business for nearly 20 years and stand ready to share our expertise with every dealer of ours.