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Bing Liem, Still on His Fuji Honeymoon Answers Questions on What to Expect

1. Hold position on traditional products (film, OTUC, paper, and chemicals) and maintain share at our existing large national accts;

2. Actively go after tier 2 (regional) and tier 3 (local) accounts;

3. Look into completely new markets for which we have created a new markets group. This would include government, cruise ships, ID business, and others. We have re-organized for tiers 2 and 3 while maintaining our need to service our tier 1 customers. With a leaner organization than before our new structure needs to be reflective of the business we have while keeping costs in line. There are other ways to communicate with customers other than physically knocking on the door. We look for more creative ways to get more “touches” with our customer—definitely more than we have today. We will have an inside sales group that will touch a tier 2 and 3 customer once every other week. Instead of trying to reach someone on the road, they would just call a person at a desk on all matters whether it be paper, film, chemicals, or whatever. We are in the process of getting all that in line. We have a separate sales team that looks after tier 1 customers. We now have a field staff of over 100, not including service techs, working out of a three-region structure. We are also evaluating the possibility of having a third party to assist in our customer service. Not an outsourcing deal. Our plan is to have more contact with our customers than ever before.

Q. What can we expect to see in the Fuji booths at photokina and PMA?

A. The photokina plans are conducted entirely out of Tokyo and we have no knowledge at this time as to what may be coming. As for PMA, you can expect to see more products with dry solutions.