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Dealers Find New Product Amid Photofinishing Concerns at PMA
Agfa Dealer Meeting, Paper Shakeout, and New Equipment Introductions at this Year’s Show

The first independent photo specialist to get a Studio installation is Rush Hour Photo & Wireless, Corvallis, Oregon, two miles from the HP facility. Paul Rentz, the owner, said that he and his staff were “lit up” over the system. He told me of some grandparents who came in and ordered albums worth over $300. Overall, orders have been averaging about $25 each, so far, but as the community gets a better understanding of what is available this will increase, he expects.

Any service problems with the system, Paul? “Yes, we had a problem with the stapler. When we called up the service department they asked for the serial number of the system and I told them it was Number One.” He said the local HP personnel have been most attentive—as they should be for Number One.

Paul will have to keep a large pot of hot coffee ready, as his store will no doubt be a showplace for HP to demo the system to industry prospects. Paul said he already had two IPI members come by for a look-see. Dan’s Camera City, Allentown, PA is scheduled to get a Studio system in June.