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Olympus E-330: Reshuffling the Deck

Olympus E-330
Olympus E-330
Photo of a Cat Using an E-330
This is how a cat looks to a mouse, or to an E-330 placed on the floor with the Live View LCD unfolded to give the composition to the photograher lurking above. While we won’t say it’s impossible to get a shot like this any other way, it sure wouldn’t be easy.
Don Sutherland

Because the LCD Live View swipes some of the light from the SLR eyepiece, the viewfinder brightness, compared to other SLRs, is a little reduced. But it takes the side-by-side comparison to notice—in no way would we characterize the E-330’s SLR viewfinder as dark or inconvenient. And the payback for that small trade-off is well worth the investment.

With a 7.5MP Panasonic imager, making a 3136x2352-pixel picture on a Four Thirds chip (substantially larger than most of the DZLRs’ chips), the E-330 makes a formidable quality argument against some of the DZLRs as well. Whereas the dividing lines between camera groups have been constantly in motion since the turn of the century, and has grown increasingly obscure in the past two or three years, the Olympus E-330 is the first camera to do something entirely different. Instead of blurring the distinctions, this latest Evolt embraces all the best of them.