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New Opportunities for Retailers to go the...Wide-Format Route

Leah Plajer with their Durst Theta 76
Leah Plajer, lab manager at New York Camera, with their Durst Theta 76.
ZBE Chromira Minilab Unit
Vice president of marketing Tim Sexton says that ZBE designed the Chromira 5x 30 Lab for minilabs that want a truly professional integrated printer/processor lab system but have typical minilab space limitations.
The Fujimoto SHP5080 Digital Lab
The Fujimoto SHP5080 Digital Lab uses an LED proprietary system to print.
Noritsu’s LPS-24 PRO
Noritsu’s LPS-24 PRO features a silver halide printer and paper processor designed to print a variety of print sizes, from 5x7-inches up to jumbo panorama size.

“We believe that the LPS-24 PRO can provide revenue-generating opportunities with large-format prints. The printer excels at portraits, photo albums, and professional photo work, where the margins are higher. The unit complements our current product line, which includes silver halide minilabs that produce traditional-sized prints, wide-format inkjet printers, dDP Digital Dry Printers, and Epson inkjet printers. Noritsu is well-positioned to assist all labs in the deployment of the LPS-24 PRO. Our capabilities in connectivity, workflow, and enhancing productivity mean that even newcomers to large format can begin realizing return on investment right away,” he concludes.