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Powering Your Battery Sales

Lenmar Enterprises, Inc.

Taking home the coveted CES Innovations 2006 Design and Engineering Award in the Portable Power category is Lenmar’s Mach 1 Lightning Speed Charger MSC815. With the ability to charge two PRO-H AA cells in eight minutes and 4 NiMH AA/AAA cells in 15 minutes, the Mach 1 is the world’s fastest battery charger. The revolutionary power system uses the company’s proprietary NeoTherm2 technology to continuously monitor, condition, and maintain the quality of the battery, which maximizes charge time at a relatively cool charging temperature.

Also, the company’s new Egg Charger, will bring a new shape and feel to the world of battery chargers. Its user-friendly design makes it perfect for traveling, but also an aesthetically pleasing object for the home.

Maha Energy

The new Powerex MH-C808M introduced by Maha Energy is the ultimate professional battery charger. The MH-C808M is an 8 cell charger, and can charge any combination of AA, AAA, C, and D batteries at the same time. The battery charger is designed for use worldwide, and offers a deep cycle conditioning option.


Panasonic’s taking the industry for a ride, taking home the 2006 PC World Innovations Award for its Oxyride Extreme Power Batteries, currently available in AA and AAA sizes. Based on Nickel Oxyhydroxide (NiOOH) chemistry, the batteries combine newly developed materials and an advanced manufacturing process to deliver improved power performance.

Using American National Standards Institute (ANSI) test protocols, Oxyride Extreme Power batteries have been proven to deliver up to 2X the amount of pictures in digital still cameras as Alkaline Plus batteries, with a new and improved Oxyride battery coming this Spring, to deliver up to 3X as many pictures.

A leading name in consumer electronics, Panasonic markets a wide range of high-quality, Alkaline, Llithium, and rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride batteries, as well.


The High Speed Charger from Uniross charges AAA/AA batteries in less than 60 minutes. Consumers are able to charge their batteries at home, as well as on the road, with the convenient road car-cord accessory. The charger includes 4 AA and 2 AAA maximum capacity Ni-MH batteries and is perfect for digital cameras, audio players, and other high drain devices that use AA or AAA batteries. Intelligent charge controls indicate charge complete, bad cell detection, and advanced safety circuitry.

The MP3 Charger from Uniross is perfect for MP3 players as well as many audio devices. Overnight it will charge either 2 AA or AAA batteries. The charger includes 2 AAA high capacity batteries, providing more songs and pictures per charge. The MP3 Charger is ideal for digital cameras, walkie talkies, toys, and remote controls. The charger also includes a charge complete indicator that lights up when the batteries are fully charged.


Just in time for the start of the New Year, Varta introduced the new Power Accus, 2,700 mAh batteries. The Power Accus recahrargeable batteries come in AA and AAA formats, in two cell and four cell blister packs.