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The CES and the DSLR of Tomorrow

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)
Pentax camera
Olympus camera
Casio cameras
Sakar camera

This feature raises the price of the E330 above that of the E300, but not enormously so—it would still be considered an “economy” DSLR. One can expect—or at least hope—that it’s the beginning of a trend in DSLRs. All DSLRs ought to have a flexible finder, for it seriously improves how they work.

It’s still the type of camera you’d expect to make its debut at a photo show, not at an electronics show, And, in a sense, that’s what will happen. When I saw the E330 during CES, it was under embargo—not a word of it was to be breathed until January 26. It will make its debut at PMA, but it won’t be a surprise.

Neither will the other cameras mentioned here be a surprise, for they already gave us their surprise. These cameras, the A in the A to Z of photography, made their debut at an electronics show, and will be last month’s news at the next photo show.