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2005 PTN's State of the Industry
Digital Has Arrived. Now What...

Ted Fox
Ted Fox,Executive Director, Photo Marketing Association Intíl.
Gary Shapiro
Gary Shapiro, President and CEO, Consumer Electronics Association
Bill McCurry
Bill McCurry, McCurry Associates
Machiko Ouchi
Machiko Ouchi, Executive Director, JPEA International
Lisa Walker
Lisa Walker, President, I3A
James Chung
James L. Chung, President, International Photographic Council
Ed Lee
Ed Lee, Director, Consumer Services & Photo Printing Trends Service, InfoTrends
Liz Cutting
Liz Cutting, Senior Account Manager, NPD Techworld
Brent Boyer
Brent Bowyer, President and CEO, IPI (Independent Photo Imagers)
Mike Worswick
Mike Worswick, President, PRO (Photographic Research Organization Inc.)
Bryan Lamkin
Bryan Lamkin, Senior VP, Digital Imaging and Digital Video Business Unit, Adobe Systems
Bing Liem
Bing Liem, President and CEO, AgfaPhoto USA
Mark Roth
Mark Roth, President, Argraph Corporation
Paul Wild
Paul Wild, President, Bogen Imaging, Inc.
Eliott Peck
Eliott Peck, VP and GM, Sales, Canon U.S.A. Inc.ís Consumer Imaging Division
John Clough
John Clough, President, Casio, Inc.
Dan Schwab
Dan Schwab, VP, Marketing, D&H Distributing†
Martin Wood
Martin Wood, CEO, Delkin Devices Inc.
Kevin R. Donohue
Kevin R. Donohue, CEO, Digital Portal Inc.
Jaime Cohen
Jaime Cohen, GM & VP, Americas Region, Digital & Film Imaging Systems, Eastman Kodak Company.
John Lang
John Lang, President and CEO, Epson America, Inc.
Atsushi Yoneda
Atsushi Yoneda, President and CEO, Fuji Photo Film U.S.A., Inc.
Joe Murphy
Joe Murphy, Regional Sales Manager, GE/SANYO
Jack Showalter
Jack Showalter, President, Hasselblad USA Inc
Larry Lesley
Larry Lesley, Senior VP, Digital Photography & Entertainment, HPís Imaging & Printing Group
Doug Pircher
Doug Pircher, VP/GM, International Supplies
JVC logo
Todd Schrader
Todd Schrader, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing, Konica Minolta Photo Imaging U.S.A., Inc
Roger Horn
Roger Horn, President, Leica Camera
Jim Gustke
Jim Gustke, VP, Memory Card Business Unit, Lexar
Steve Giordano Sr.
Steve Giordano Sr., Chairman and CEO, Lucidiom, Inc.
Henry Froehlich
Henry Froehlich, Chairman, MAC Group
Richard Kacik
Richard Kacik, Director of Sales, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America
David Lee
David Lee, Senior VP, Nikon Inc.
Shiro Kazuta
Shiro Kazuta, President, Noritsu America Corporation
Stewart Muller
Stewart Muller, VP, Olympus Imaging America
Monica Helmer
Monica Helmer, National Marketing Manager, Optical Group, Panasonic Consumer Electronics Company
Ned Bunnell
Ned Bunnell, Director of Marketing, Pentax Imaging Company
Ken Gerb
Ken Gerb, Senior VP, Sales & Marketing, Samsung
Nelson Chan
Nelson Chan, Executive VP & GM, Consumer & Handset Business, SanDisk Corporation
Tak Inoue
Tak Inoue, President, Tamron USA, Inc.
Steve Tiffen
Steven Tiffen, President & CEO, Tiffen
Pete Richichi
Pete Richichi, Executive VP, Sales & Marketing, Wynit

We have invested heavily in our dealer and supplier supported 'Mamiya On Campus Programs' to create a generation of professional photographers whose needs will have to be supplied by the retail community served by PTN.

What a year 2006 can be for the professional photo dealer specialist!

Service Is Key To Customer Loyalty

Richard Kacik, Director of Sales, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America

In today's volatile photo market, it is important for dealers and minilab owners to offer their customers a one-stop shop with a wide range of photo services. Excellent customer service is a great asset to any businessómake the customer feel special and they will come back, time and again.

Mitsubishi launched the CP-9550DW photo printer and DPS Kiosk in mid-2005. In 2006, we will continue to market these new products while concentrating on enhancements for the current product line.

With digital photography, consumers have the option of printing photos at home. The greatest challenge for the imaging industry is the struggle to gain consumer support for printing at retail locations.

DSLR Technology Adds To The Photo Experience

David Lee, Senior VP, Nikon Inc.

The growth of the digital SLR market currently enjoys the spotlight, creating a tremendous opportunity for photo manufacturers and dealers. The first step in capturing DSLR consumers is to educate them and help them become comfortable with this technology. This can be accomplished through each manufacturer's messaging efforts to deliver a better-educated consumer to retailers, as well as the interaction that takes place at the point-of-sale.

Through our efforts behind cameras like the Nikon D50 and D70s, we aim to communicate the freedom and ease of use of digital SLR photography and to build an awareness of the complete system available to an SLR photographer, which includes accessory lenses and speedlights. Educating the consumer of the total system approach to SLR pho

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