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Pro Talk: ZBE Summer Bash Unites Chromira, Workstream Users
Pro Talk

ZBE Bogart
While conducting a facility tour and showing off his manufacturing capabilities Bogart explained proudly that ZBE makes all its printer parts except for the rollers.
Arthur Shufelt

Art contributed so much to the industry. He brought us the Cheetah RIP that lives on today as one of most fully featured RIPs in the industry, and is offered with all Durst printers. He probably sold you your first Durst Lambda, Rho, Theta printer or Sigma scanner. He made the photo industry aware of the need for asset management. Art left a vivid impression with all those with whom he came in contact; the photo industry and his family will sorely miss him.

His latest business venture was Wi-Pics, a product of Dice America, developed for photographers, with son Jeff who will carry on. Wi-Pics technology involves image capture with wireless transmission of data to digital print output devices.

Art is survived by his son, Jeffrey, daughter Jeanine, four grandchildren and brother George and sister Eleanor Hamilton. Memorial gifts may be sent to Animal Humane Society of Lollypop Farms.

Black & White Fades Away at Kodak: Agfa & Ilford To The Rescue

When Eastman Kodak made the decision to send its black-and-white film, paper and chemistry business into history, some lab attendees at the ZBE Chromira users' meeting were wringing their hands and asking what to do. Have no fear IlfordPhoto and AgfaPhoto USA Corp. are gearing up production to fulfill the needs of all users. Kodak announced that they have a six-month supply, depending on product.

“We were caught off guard," said AgfaPhoto's Konrad Knauss, senior marketing manager, Finish Products & Equipment North America."We're thrilled to fill in the gap for Kodak," said James Peterson, vice president IlfordPhoto."All our products are in tact, and we plan to add product to supply Kodak's customers.

Agfa's Knauss reminds us that they still produce fiber-based paper (Multicontrast Classic) as well as resin-coated (Multicontrast Premium), both available in glossy and matte finish, sheets and rolls."MCP paper is the ideal base for digital prints and provides excellent quality when used with technologies that have short exposure times." MCP comes in sheets up to 20 x 24, and rolls up to 50" x 100'. MCC double-weight fiber glossy surface paper and MCC fine grained matte surface can also be had in 50" x 100' rolls.

Colex Imaging's Tony Taylor has a clear picture of the b&w print situation."There's definitely a resurgence in black-and-white. We have four proposals for true b&w large format (50") processors. One out of every ten customers for our DigiPro 16 x 20 orders the digital print system configured for either true b&w or dual process (b&w and color)."

Colex reports that 90% of its sales of DeVere 8 x 10 digital enlargers (tray process) print with Agfa MCC fiber-based b&w paper. Another alive area is high-volume long roll aerial film for government and municipalities.

IlfordPhoto's RC-4 b&w papers range up to 50" wide. The Multigrade paper is for analog exposures; the Multicontrast Express paper is designed for short exposures such as LED and laser.

After IlfordPhoto arose from the ashes of insolvency to once again become a strong b&w contender, Peterson noted:"Ilford always said they'd be the last black and white company standing."