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Printing the Mobile Image at Retail

Nokia is an active participant in the Mobile Imaging and Printing Consortium, an industry initiative to create guidelines for the consistent implementation of camera phone printing solutions. It is vital to collaborate with leading photographic technology and service companies to enhance and grow the digital imaging ecosystem. Those collaborations include work with Hewlett-Packard on the creation of Bluetooth printing applications, with RealNetworks to bring the RealOne player to smartphone users, with Kodak on storage and printing solutions for imaging phones, and with Adobe to answer the growing demand for storing and organizing content captured with mobile imaging devices.

Getting Ready
Three quarters of all digital capture devices sold in 2005 will be imaging phones, and those camera phones will be used to snap literally billions of images in the coming years. While some images from camera phones will be shared via email or printed at home, consumers are bringing a large and growing percentage of these images to retail processors.

The question is: how many will be rung up on your cash register?

David Watkins is the director of Nokia Imaging in North America.