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Printing "Flat-Out"

Packaging Products The use of flatbed inkjet technology holds strong yet untapped promise in the area of imaged product packaging. Using the affordable full color of inkjet printing, in cooperation with the ability to introduce mass customization into the workflow, allows for unique opportunities of enterprising packaging printers. Imagine ordering a product and having it arrive in packaging specifically customized to your interests, affiliations or geographic area.

Where Will It End?

Compared to many printing and imaging areas, where traditional imaging systems are the norm, flatbed printing stands out because of the innovation being put into the machine by their developers, and also the experimentation being done by those companies currently using the machines. A number of technology users have expressed excitement over using their flatbeds to help their customers achieve their own unique vision. In some cases, the customers ask "no one else can do this can you?"

The use of flatbed printers currently extends far beyond the reach of today's imaging businesses, and that's where the excitement exists. As an imager, it is important to take a moment away from the everyday challenge of getting work out the door and ask yourself if and how a flatbed inkjet system could benefit your business. Also ask yourself if your business demonstrated by the variety of end products you produce could become more product-diverse. These questions could be the start of a new and exciting step.

Is there a flatbed inkjet system in your future? Surely, the decision is yours. It's all a question of how these systems fit into your company's desired goals, markets and long-term competitiveness.

Dan Marx is the director of communications and service development for the Digital Printing & Imaging Association (DPI), a division of the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA). áTo learn more about flatbed inkjet printing, please visitá To experience specialty graphic imaging first-hand at SGIA'05 this September 28 October 1 in New Orleans, LA. SGIA is helping lead a new generation of imaging professionals"Specialty imaging" comprises digital imaging, screen printing and the many other imaging technologies SGIA members use, including those they'll tap in the future.áThese are the imaging processes and technologies employed to create new products and to enhance existing product including point-of-purchase displays, signs, advertisements, garments, containers and vehicles.

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