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PMA 2005 Offers More Output Solutions

Mitsubishi’s ( Kiosk is a stand-alone, fully functional digital photofinishing center that will provide you with immediate profit potential and a superquick digital print service. Exceptionally compact, Mitsubishi’s digital Kiosk can be accessed on a countertop or mounted on an optional pedestal base. It incorporates a wide range of versatile performance features including multiple printer hookups, Bluetooth wireless technology compatibility and can accept prepaid photo cards. Mitsubishi’s Kiosk offers the perfect combination of performance and reliability.

2005 DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out Winners

Orlando, FL—For the second year in a row, most of the major photo kiosks being shown at PMA 2005 were lined up side-by-side at the DIMA 2005 Conference. Two photo kiosks were named winners in the 2nd Annual DIMA Photo Kiosk Shoot-Out. Twenty photo kiosks from 12 different manufacturers participated in the Kiosk Shoot-Out. SanDisk Corp donated SD media cards that were used in the competition.

Kiosks were divided into two main categories: Stand-Alone (kiosks positioned to print photos from digital files locally) and Remote (kiosk positioned to print to a digital minilab).

Remote Category Winner
Kodak Picture Maker G3 Order Station LS

Stand-Alone Category Winner
Kodak Picture Maker G3 Print Station

2005 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out Winners

Orlando, FL—The winners of the 2005 DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out were announced during the PMA 2005 Convention and Trade Show. Winners were chosen from 122 prints entered by 37 companies. Entries in the DIMA Digital Printer Shoot-Out were produced from files created by color workflow experts Chromaticity, Grand Rapids, MI. Participants were asked to provide specification information pertaining to the equipment used (printer, RIP); the consumables used (output media, ink/toner/dye); and the production timing. A panel of expert judges voted on the entries, based on the overall quality of the digital print and the accuracy of color as compared to the “target” print. Below are the winners of the DIMA 2005 Digital Printer Shoot-Out:

RA4 Digital Printer 50 inches wide or more
Durst Lambda 131

30 inches to 49 inches wide
Durst Theta 76
ZBE Chromira 5x 30

13 inches to 29 inches wide
Polielettronica Laserlab 50 cm

Digital Minilab (12 inches max.)
Fuji Frontier 570

Digital Minilab (10 inches max.)
Kodak System 89 DLS

Digital Minilab (8 inches max.)
KIS/Photo-Me DKS 1510

Industrial High-Speed Photo Printing
Express Imaging Systems Europa 10

Over 72 inches wide (Solvent)

Mimaki JV3-250SP

50 inches to 72 inches wide (Aqueous)
Roland FJ-540

50 inches to 72 inches wide (Solvent)
DisplayMaker 72s

36 inches to 49 inches wide
Noritsu MYTIS-1 (Uncontested)

18 inches to 35 inches wide (tie)
Mimaki JV3-75SP11
HP DesignJet 130

9 inches to 17 inches wide
HP Photosmart 8750

DisplayMaker 72uvr

Media 8.5-by-11-inch
Ilford Galerie Smooth High Gloss
ICI Imagedata

11-by-17-inch (12-by-18-inch or 12-inch Roll)
ICI Imagedata

24 inches wide or larger
HP PremiumPlus Photo & Proofing Gloss

Ink - Aqueous
Less than 20-inch printer
HP 97 Ink (Uncontested)

20 inches wide or larger
d’Vinci Hi Fi Ink

Ink - Solvent
Mimaki 552 Solvent

RIP (Less than 20-inch printer)
Ergosoft StudioPrint

20-inch or larger printer
Ergosoft StudioPrint

Dye Sublimation (8-by-10-inch or larger - $2,500 or more)
Sony UPD 70A

8-by-10-inch - $2,499 or less
Kodak Professional 1400 Digital Photo Print System

Hi-Touch Photo Printer 730 PS

4-by-6-inch or less
Hi-Touch Photo Printer 641 PS

Creative Applications
Mimaki GP-604

ZBE Chromira 5x 30

Alternative Substrate
Yellowhouse Kumoto Silkjet SC4

Black & White
CSE ColorBurst RIP