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Dale Photo & Digital Moves Beyond Mail Order, Doubles On-site Sales with New Retail Store

The main lab sports five Noritsu printers, including two 2102 labs for long-roll printing; two 2301 labs for one-hour film printing and customer roll proofing; and a 2711 DLS digital lab system for digital printing, Kodak Sea Processing, and professional proofing from digital cameras.

Noritsu labs have basically eliminated the lab's waste, Dale notes. "We had a 60 percent waste factor with the old S printers; now we've cut that down to less than 10 percent. So they literally have paid for themselves on that basis alone."

The launch of Dale Photo & Digital has been impressive, even to a couple with some 30 years of experience in the photo industry. "There's an excitement about the store. People are learning something new, and even if they don't buy anything, word spreads," explains Elaine Farkas. "People from Hollywood come in and say, 'I've lived here 20 years, and I never knew you were here.' Now they're learning.

"In a sense, we're on a mission to teach people about photography and what it can do for them today. Whether they want to do film or digital, it doesn't matter. They just love pictures. And that's what matters."


Dale Photo & Digital

Type of Business: Primarily a mail-order lab, with a growing walk-in clientele.

Customer Base: Largely advanced amateurs and professionals, runs the gamut from occasional point-and-shoot users on up.

Special Services: Staff individually examines and corrects every image for color and density prior to printing, and they print 3 x 5, 4 x 5, 4 x 6 and 5 x 7, all with or without borders, glossy or matte. They also produce 9 x 12 prints for model composites.

Getting The Word Out: For the local market, a weekly ad in the movie and entertainment section of the local paper that promotes twice-weekly photo classes. The classes bring people through the front door. We also advertise in photographic magazines to reach advanced amateurs and pros on a national basis.

Special Niches: Specialty niches include prints and slides from the same roll of color negative film; Kodak Sea Processing (underwater images); Giclee fine art prints; high-resolution scanning (file sizes up to 500 MB).

Do You Sell Media Cards?: Yes, including high-speed memory cards up to 80X.

Equipment List:

  • Digital Minilab: Noritsu QSS-2711 digital lab system with Kodak DLS Software
  • Kiosk: Kodak Picture Maker Print Station
  • Wide-Format Printer: Epson 7600
  • Online Photofinishing Service: (