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Kiosk Usage On The Rise

Hammersberg reports that older customers like to have the staff help them, while most of their other customers are up and running by themselves after the first use. The machine has been very busy and has helped their processing business head toward the black again. "We looked at all the kiosks at PMA 2004, and we thought the TruePrint was the best value and output for our store," he says. "The machine came along at the right time. We've succeeded with digital by offering the right products, right services and right equipment at the right time."

The Shutterbug

The Shutterbug offers Sony's PictureStation digital photofinishing systems in 14 of 15 of its Oregon stores. They also just installed Kodak G3s that are connected to a Noritsu minilab in a number of locations as well.

The Shutterbug offers Sony's PictureStation digital photofinishing systems in almost all of its Oregon locations.

They installed the PictureStation systems two years ago in response to customer demand for retail-based digital photofinishing solutions, reports general manager Chris Samiee. "We're appealing to digital camera owners who are looking for a convenient retail solution that offers high-quality prints of their digital images," Samiee says. "Our customers like the fact they can make prints they can hold in their hand. The PictureStation is easy to use and the graphic interface gives our customers more options of print sizes. The service has really taken off. An average print order can run about about 80 prints."

The kiosks are placed near the front of the stores and near the picture frames section, helping spur sales for those products. "Our customers are finally grasping the printing at retail concept. They like the high output quality of the prints and they also like the instant gratification the PictureStation systems provide," Samiee concludes.