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What Digital Products Should Minilabs Stock?

 Clearly show memory capacity, which speeds up the decision process;

 Communicate the product's easy-to-understand classification -- its simple positioning as "digital film."

 Put an emphasis on recording speed, with clear identification of high-speed cards.

Archiving Images is the Key

"The switch to digital gives camera stores and minilabs new opportunities to sell profitable accessories. Delkin Devices has a new product, eFilm Archival Gold CD-Rs, which is a perfect fit," says Duke Doudna, marketing specialist at Delkin. "What is the universal thing people grab when they run out of a burning house? Irreplaceable photos! Nowadays photos are kept on disk drives (which can crash), or cheap CD-Rs, which deteriorate. eFilm Archival Gold CD-Rs are shown to last 300 years in accelerated aging tests. Best of all, Delkin only makes its museum quality Archival Gold CD-Rs available to camera stores and minilabs. Your customers can't get the assurance their precious memories are safely stored from the big box stores - only from you."

Doudna says that Delkin's eFilm line of digital camera accessories boosts a number of products that shoppers will buy on impulse. "Our popular line of eFilm products (The Camera Store Brand) enhance the digital camera experience, and are distributed worldwide. Customers who bring a memory card in for printing often want to pick up a spare. Battery and memory card totes are also high profit impulse items for retailers. No one likes having to fish around in a camera bag for a battery or memory card, and totes keep them together, safe and easy to find. In addition, another big sale perennial item is rechargeable batteries."

Don't Forget the Batteries

As cameras shift from film to digital, power life becomes vital. About 50% of lower end digital cameras use AA size batteries. "For extended life, Nickel Metal Hydride batteries offer long run time, have the advantage of being rechargeable and are recyclable," says Mary Koral of SANYO Energy. "GE/SANYO currently offers a 2500 mAh AA battery with a new structural negative electrode material called "Superlattice Alloy" for higher capacity and higher performance. These batteries offer over 15 times more digital camera shots than Alkaline, throw-away batteries. Another important accessory is the battery charger. Old chargers could take overnight to charge the batteries. This is not useful to the photo enthusiast. GE/SANYO offers a new one hour charger and even a mini-travel charger that can fit in a pocket or camera case."