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Studio Rentals Give Labs More Profit Opportunities

Pro Photo Connection has two Frontiers that utilize Frontline, a software package from Sweden. Frontline is an automated software package that allows the Frontier owner to scan one time only. "It's a communication link between customers and lab owners that use the Fuji Frontier C-print output device to process digital files and convert them into various services, such as black-and-white or sepia prints, digital proof sheets, CDs, or posting on a customer's website for the review of their pictures," he says. "This system makes the Frontier 75% more efficient." The lab will also be installing a Noritsu 3213 printer/processor.

While many of their clients are moving to digital, they still have the option to shoot analog in the studio. "We have an E-6 machine for slides and transparencies, and a C-41 for color negatives," he says. "But we are looking toward the futurebecause the future is digital. Most Europeans are already shooting digital, and one of the reasons why is that they don't want to take the chance of having the film ruined during the airport checks as they travel back and forth."

As an added service, Pro Photo Connection also offers photographers classes on how to make the transition to digital photography and covers topics such as digital output, scanning, color management and Photoshop. "We have found that by educating our customers, they are more likely to not only use our services, but also to provide us with files at a much higher quality level," he adds.

"We are totally committed to our customers. To be successful in this business, it takes a total investment, total devotion and total commitment to your customer. You have to see what the needs are and give the customer what they want. With our new studio added to our current business model, it provides our customers with everything they need."

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