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Cutting-Edge Output

IPG is also known for its fine-art printing or giclee graphics. The giclee process begins with IPG's powerful, state-of-the-art Cruse scanner, which captures the precise details and subtle colors of the original artwork. "This scanner transforms fine-art originals as large as 48 x 96 inches into spectacular, high-resolution digital files, with each pixel individually controlled for color, density, size and sharpness," says Farrell. The fine-art print is produced using one of IPG's giclee-certified, 1440-dpi eight-color printers. "These printers use special pigment-based inks, which have been tested by Wilhelm Imaging Research to last over 150 years, making giclee ultra prints a durable and worthwhile investment," he says.

One of IPG's clients is the internationally renowned artist Violet Parkhurst, considered by many experts to be the greatest living marine artist today. In 2004, Violet Parkhurst was commissioned by Lt. Col. Kenneth R. Hallbauer, retired from the United States Air Force, to produce a series of paintings commemorating the history of manned flight. "IPG worked with Parkhurst to produce a series of six limited-edition giclee prints of aviation landmarks, from her painting of the Wright Brothers' first flight at Kitty Hawk, NC, in December 1903 to the April 1942 World War II Lt. Col. James Doolittle raid on Tokyo and Lindberg's 1927 Atlantic Flight," says Farrell.

Diversity Is Key
IPG's wide range of products and services includes stretched graphic frames that display tensioned printed fabrics from 3 x 3 feet to 25 x 50 feet, single or double-sided. Internal adjustable tensioning mechanisms keep fabrics tight, and graphics are stretched to eliminate wrinkles and provide a soft, bright look.

"Our unique rolling graphic displays add eye-catching motion and changing images to visual merchandising presentations," says Farrell. "Graphics can be continuously moving or stop at preset positions, and displays can be hung from ceilings or stand on their own pedestal base."

IPG also produces banners and banner stands. Banner stands are available in one or two-sided models, and in a wide variety of widths and heights to fit every need, from desktop to giant banners over nine feet tall. IPG's mPulse! EDDS (Electronic Digital Display System) is a high-performance and cost-effective alternative to traditional static signage, displaying dynamic, constantly changing images. "Our new mPulse! EDDS is ideally suited for large-format environments such as retail stores, lobbies, convention centers and shopping malls," concludes Farrell.

Imager Snapshot

Imaging Professionals Group

TYPE OF LAB: Custom commercial


MAJOR CLIENTS: Adidas, GAP, Apple Computer, Taco Bell, Banana Republic, Smashbox, Oakley, Bay Cities Container Corporation


  • Processors: Hostert 80-inch RA4, Sitte Tischer 80-inch RA4, Sitte Tischer 50-inch RA4
  • Wide-Format Printers: VUTEk PressVu, Durst Lambda 130, NUR Expedio, NUR Tempo
  • Scanners: Cruse CS220PTL, Creo EverSmart Supreme Scanner, Screen SG-747 drum scanner
  • Digital Workflow Software: Custom software Color Management Software: Color Burst, Monaco Profile
  • Computer Systems: Mac and PC