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Workflow Software Helps Streamline Production Process

"We've had good success with DPI's OzE software since it was first introduced three years ago, and we've added to it as we've gone along," says Wilmoth. "We were a beta site and helped design some of the parts to it, which fit a brick-and-mortar type lab. So when the order comes into the lab, all we need to do is color-correct it, print it and ship it."

The lab can crop the images and order special effects, memory mates and other options to the images. "With OzE software, we can offer our users the industry's best value of $1 per OzE 8 x 10 unit," explains Wilmoth. "Using the innovative OzE digital imaging software, we're capable of rapid and effective color correction, retouching, cropping and packaging."

Wilmoth sees more shifts in digital as we head into 2005. "Digital cameras continue to make strides in image quality and resolution," he says. "The biggest thing that digital camera manufacturers need to fix is the dynamic range of exposure. Once that function is standardized, we can have prints overexposed and underexposed. We're seeing more photographers making the move to digital. Many come into our lab with plenty of questions, and we try to provide them with the answers. They need software, a good digital camera and help with the learning curve. We are helping train many of our clients in digital as best we can. If we can provide them with support, they'll continue to come back and have us process their images, whether they're digital or film."