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IPC Communication Offers Online Photo Application
, Canada --IPC Communication started delivery of its newest Online Photo Application OPAL, an easy-to-use solution for specialty retailers. IPC Communication already offers large retailers private branded versions of their Online Photo Application server. This new version OPAL (Online Photo Application License) can be purchased online and can be up and running moments after the retailer completes the personalized account set-up process. "The key to success is speed to market," said Shant Balayan, President of IPC Communication.

OPAL is designed to bring specialty retailers up to speed with a full Online experience, consisting of prints and photo gift modules almost instantly. "It gives photo retailers the opportunity to have a personalized Online Photo Application quite similar to ones offered by large retailers," said Francois Parent, VP of IPC Communication.

"It is for retailers who want the business benefits of online printing, Photo Cards and Calendars and other Photo Gift items with little investment in technology," said Shant Balayan. The service is hosted by IPC Communication and is subject to IPC's data and personal privacy guidelines.

The program, which has been in beta test mode for the last several months, is available now. IPC Communication's OPA and OPAL are currently available in English, French and Spanish.

AgfaPhoto Extends Its Range of Digital Film Offerings
Ridgefield Park
, NJ --AgfaPhoto, the independent company which has emerged from the Consumer Imaging division of the Agfa-Gevaert Group, announced it is significantly expanding the range of its digital film offerings with new products in four popular formats: secure digital (SD) cards, high-capacity compact flash (CF) cards, xD digital media cards, and USB memory sticks.

Along with the memory card products, AgfaPhoto is also presenting a new packaging design in which the strong AgfaPhoto brand occupies a prominent position. The placing of product names inside the red sensor button of the AgfaPhoto logo ensures that they attract more attention. In addition, consumers can easily find important product information such as the memory capacity, which is now clearly laid out on the packaging. Each type of card is signalled by its own color, helping consumers to find their way around the products on display. The new "Turbo" logo and a matching dynamic image also convey the capability that AgfaPhoto memory cards provide for high-speed data transfer. AgfaPhoto's range of SD cards, the most popular type of memory card, now includes a 2 GB capacity product, in both normal and turbo speed versions. The company's CF card family now includes a 4 GB capacity product. A completely new product in AgfaPhoto's line of memory cards is an xD card, which is available in 128, 256 and 512 MB capacities. Completing the rollout of AgfaPhoto's new digital photo media offerings is a new line of smaller USB memory sticks, available in 128, 256 or 512 MB.

Dan's Camera City Unveils Digiprint Lounge
, PA -- Dan's Camera City recently unveiled its state-of-the-art DigiPrint Lounge, a coffeehouse-style digital photofinishing center featuring 11 ordering stations powered by Lucidiom Inc., creator of the original Automated Photo Machine (APM). Dan's Camera City 's DigiPrint Lounge includes free wireless Internet access (WiFi), children's entertainment center, wheelchair accessible ordering stations and complimentary beverages.

"The DigiPrint Lounge has transformed the otherwise ordinary task of ordering digital photos into what for many now is considered a treat," said Dan's Camera City CEO Mike Woodland. "Our customers are raving about being able to order digital photos while sipping coffee and watching their kids play. With the DigiPrint Lounge, we've added the most comfortable surroundings to our pre-existing superior customer service. The result is a delightful experience for our customers and an added boost to our business."

"Lucidiom and Dan's Camera City are responding to today's busy consumers who want high quality prints and other photo products, but have little time in the day to order them," said Steve Giordano, Jr., president of Lucidiom Inc. "Lucidiom also is meeting the business needs of its customers by enabling photofinishers like Dan's Camera City to reinforce their own brand by customizing our products. A customer who orders prints at Dan's Camera City sees ‘Dan's DigiPrint Station' on our kiosk, not Lucidiom. That's reassuring to the customer and the business owner alike. It's not the Lucidiom DigiPrint Lounge; it's Dan's Camera City 's and we're proud to be the technological force behind it all."

Dan's DigiPrint Lounge is the only one of its kind in the Lehigh Valley and one of only a few in the entire US. It compliments Dan's extensive range of ordering options from digital images including online ordering and free web albums and 10 satellite Lehigh Valley locations that contain Dan's DigiPrint Stations.

CVS Introduces World's First Digital One-Time-Use Video Camcorder
, RI --The digital imaging revolution took another leap forward with the introduction of the CVS One-Time-Use Video Camcorder--the world's first single-use point-and-shoot digital video camera. CVS/pharmacy, the retail leader in digital photo and image processing, is exclusively offering the world's first compact, affordable, one-time-use solution for creating and sharing high quality home movies on DVD. For under $30, consumers can now enjoy a DVD home video experience that compares to pricey DVD camcorders, which cost upwards of a thousand dollars.

Built on the Pure Digital Imaging platform, the revolutionary new CVS camcorder is the perfect easy-to-carry choice for capturing memories of weddings, vacation getaways, beach trips, or any time that family and friends get together. Just grab it and go--and leave that expensive and cumbersome traditional camcorder at home. Once finished shooting, consumers simply return the video camera to their local CVS store and get a DVD to view and share the very same day.

Kodak To Stop Making B&W Paper
, NY -- Eastman Kodak announced that it would discontinue its professional line of black-and-white photo paper by the end of the year. Kodak said it will halt production of the paper, which is made at a factory in Brazil . "Kodak will still continue producing black-and-white film and chemistry," said Tim Ciranni, worldwide product manager for Kodak Pro Lab Media.

"Black-and-white paper had in recent years become a niche product favored by professional photographers, fine arts enthusiasts and advanced amateur snapshot takers. Sales of the paper had been declining about 25 percent a year as users switched to digital technology. Therefore, our volume of paper sale has gotten very small," said Ciranni