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2005 Digital Kiosk Roundtable

George Tun
“Customers are becoming savvy when it comes to digital photo processing, and they are demanding instant digital photos, crop and zoom along with other features found only on a photo kiosk,” says Tun from Olympus.
“Segmentation is another key trend emerging this year. Retailers using multiple kiosks are encouraged to utilize each one for a specific purpose to provide customers with the services they want in a time efficient manner,” offers Whitech’s Delnawaz
“With women as the biggest demographic for print fulfillment, retailers need to pay attention to what those consumers need and what brings them back for more transactions that are larger,” says Lawrence from DigitalPortal.
“Gone are the days of the standalone kiosk-in-a-corner. You’ll see stores deploying kiosks to complement existing photo counters, as other retailers introduce complete self-service digital photo centers -- or sometimes both,” offers Signifi’s Jaffer.
“One trend we see is that once a consumer prints her pictures on a kiosk without assistance, she feels empowered and as a result, continues to want this experience,” reports Kodak’s Hodges.
“Space is always at a premium in retail and getting the most use out of it is always the goal. The best way to do this is offer hardware that is more then one-dimensional,” says Agfa’s Strobel.
“Expectations are higher now that consumers have so many choices, and retailers must make sure they can keep up with customer demand and must be able to provide those services consumers request,” says Pixel Magic’s Oles.
“The biggest trend in the kiosk market in 2005 is the growth in ‘do it yourself’ digital printing at retail,” states Dellostetto from Sony.
“Consumers are sophisticated.  They don’t always need a 4 x 6 inch of every image or necessarily want to stop at that.  They want meaningful photo memories...” adds Lucidiom’s Giordano.
“As an industry we need to keep reminding current digital camera owners and educating new camera owners that printing their images at retail is the best way to enjoy and preserve their images,” affirms Haug from Fuji Photo Film.

Jaffer: Signifi has expanded our offering to include a full-service marketing support department, dedicated to assisting our retail customers' sales and promotional efforts in-store and beyond. We have extended our QuickPIX line to include a host of customizable POP and signage products, and have introduced a modular system of visual merchandising displays to transform a retailer's simple print station into compelling digital photo destination. Our team works with each customer to custom brand their QuickPIX solutions and execute custom campaigns to inform and excite customers about their retail photo finishing services.

Giordano: Lucidiom is proud to participate in industry organizations that are promoting to consumers the importance of printing, as well as organizing and archiving their digital photos. We are a member of the PMA and a charter member of CEA Digital Imaging Special Interest Group (SIG), both of which have initiatives for this critical issue. We look forward to continued collaboration with them.

Haug: Fujifilm has partnered with a number of technology giants and wireless carriers to drive consumers to print via non-traditional avenues. Last year we teamed with Microsoft to connect its massive XP installed base directly to our distributed fulfillment network- Get the Picture Online Service. Now consumers can send pictures to print at their local lab, directly from their hard drive where many store photos. We also partnered with IBM to design our new GetPix Print Station for retailers. The proliferation of camera phone images also represents tremendous "print" potential for retailers, and we are connecting millions of camera phone users to our Get the Picture Online network. We now offer Sprint, Cingular, Nextel and Alltel customers the ability to send their camera phone images directly to print at retail locations.

Hodges: We have a complete surround strategy to educate consumers about digital printing - from advertising, promotions, online to in-store. Our national TV advertising is focused on educating consumers about the ease of printing digital pictures. Our print advertising supports the same message and is tied to a free print offer to drive trial. We also will have radio advertising in select markets. We are also using online to communicate to digital camera owners and educate them about their options for digital printing, including at retail. We just completed a NASCAR promotion that drove trial of digital printing at retail. And, we are currently running a Disney promotion to celebrate Disneyland 's "50 th anniversary" that will drive consumers to retail.

Dellostetto: The Digital Photofinishing group often creates promotions in collaboration with other product groups within the Sony organization. We maximize our retailers' sales potentials by offering PictureStation promotional pieces inside Sony digital camera boxes and holiday season mall promotions with our Consumer Digital Imaging division. We also have a PictureStation retailer locator on our web site which drives customers to our retailers' locations.

Strobel: AgfaPhoto is committed to being the best imaging partner for its retail customers by providing a large number of innovative products and solutions for processing and editing both analog and digital photographic images at the retail level. Additionally, AgfaPhoto offers a complete POS kit for AgfaPhoto d-lab and Image Box customers to help them promote their products and services to the consumer. The kit contains a variety of point of sale material including seasonal and print promotion materials, counter mats, and signage.