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Pro Image Stores Owner Sees Decade of Photo Industry Growth

The move to digital imaging isn't costing him business, he argues, it's building entirely new business for him. "Out of 10 customers that used to come to me for 35 mm photofinishing, five may have bought digital cameras. So for a while, we lost that business," he explains. "But now, some of them are coming back for digital printing. And the same customer that used to spend $40 or $50 to develop three rolls, now they're spending $100, $200 or more. They're bringing in more images on a digital memory card, and we're charging more for the same size print, and they're happy to get it. And they're more likely to want enlargements, or a CD. So even if we've lost some store traffic, that smaller crowd is actually spending more."

"Consumers will be capturing more images, and they will be willing to pay more. Some people think the '80s was the best time to be a lab owner. But I think the most exciting times are just ahead of us," he concludes.