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Color Management Critical To Profiting With Digital Services

For those looking for greater control when creating ICC-based profiles, the company offers MonacoProfiler. In addition to profiles for scanners, monitors and color output devices, it supports the Gretag Macbeth Color Checker DC target for creating accurate profiles of digital cameras.

For large-format printing Scanvec Amiable and GretagMacbeth announced last year that Scanvec's PhotoPRINT 3 RIP software solutions is now bundled with the Eye-One Pro spectrophotometer. The Eye-One will support Scanvec Amiable RIP software solutions in linearizing large format printers to achieve optimum printing results.

Additionally, the Eye-One can be used with Scanvec Amiable RIP software solutions to create ICC Profiles. This provides the user quick and unlimited flexibility in testing and utilizing new media. Another highly useful feature to using both Scanvec Amiable RIP software solutions and the Eye One is the capability to measure a color on virtually any surface and automatically import that color to your working color palette for immediate use. The color is created in LAB providing the user accurate color mapping to their printer/media/ink combination.

Fixing The Image
Unlike other color management solutions, which focus on the varied components and capabilities found at different stages of the digital color workflow, the iCorrect solutions available from Pictographics were developed to make adjustments before image even enters the workflow.

"If the color of the captured image isn't right, it doesn't matter how much profiling of other devices you do, you_re still not going to end up with the right color," maintains Huelskoetter. His iCorrect products, offered as PhotoShop plug-ins or a stand-alone solution, reduce the challenges of correcting fleshtones, the color of the sky, and other image features to a few clicks of the mouse.

The company's iCorrect Professional , offered as a stand-alone Windows application or an Adobe Photoshop plug in, for Mac and Windows, contains "memory color" sets which the software uses to automatically adjust colors to predetermined norms. Users simply click on the area of the image to be corrected, and the software makes the required adjustments. iCorrect EditLab, also a PhotoShop plug-in, combines these auto-correction features with tools to selectively edit and create reference color sets used to correct image files.

"So far our largest customer base has been the advanced amateur and serious photographer who specializes in people shots. "But we're also getting more requests from labs looking to do all they can to make sure they get the color right for their customers," said Huelskoetter.