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New digital media products provide new options for output providersNew digital media products provide new options for output providersNew digital media products provide new options for output providers

Kodak boxes
Magic GFPOLY glossy polypropylene offers an excellent solution for solvent printer owners to produce high-end POP banners, roll-up displays and trade show graphics.
Encad Inc. recently announced a big expansion of its Kodak Wide Format Media portfolio.
Innova’s ANW papers are offered in an innovative plastic case.
Media Street, Inc. offers a new archival black and white inkjet system.
Drytac's 901 WR Inkjet Canvas is ideal for photographs, signage and fine art.

He continues, "the breakthrough, Opti-coat is a more robust coating, which takes more of a beating. While other products on the market have been too fragile, Opti-coat coating produces less scuffing and dust, and won't flake (a common complaint in printing with other brands). The impact for digital printers will be more suitable prints without damage from scuffing or peeling."

Innova's ANW media is available in sheet sizes of 8.5 x 11, 11 x 17, 13 x 19 and 17 x 22 inches. Parent sheets are newly sized in 36 x 48 inches, to accommodate four 16 x 20 inch images with 2 inch borders. This offers greater productivity and cost control compared to a 35 x 47 inch standard. Rolls are available in 15-meter jumbo lengths (20% longer) and are offered in 17-, 24-, 36- and 44-inch lengths and 60-inch widths.

Innova's ANW papers are offered in an innovative plastic case. ANW Crestwoods' Wayne Marciano, VP of sales states. "Retailers and end users alike will appreciate the many benefits of our durable clear folded case: It offers improved protection in shipping and transport; the clear design easily allows the user to monitor inventory , and when empty, the cases are excellent archive grade storage containers for digital prints."

Moab Paper Company ( offers a full range of media for the amateur photographer and artist as well as the most demanding imaging professional. The Moab Paper Company portfolio includes Entrada Fine Art, a 100% cotton, dual sided, archival fine art media, Kokopelli photographic media with a traditional look and feel, Lasal dual sided multi-purpose photographic media, and Anasazi art canvas.

"The beginning of the digital revolution was seen by many as a clean replacement for traditional wet processes. As the technology continues to advance, it is quickly becoming recognized as not a replacement for chemical based photography, but an entirely new medium allowing for creative uses of materials and methods. This new found ability to use a broader range of materials has reinvented the print with high quality cotton materials becoming a standard for fine art much like black and white fiber prints and cibachrome ruled the last two decades," notes Greg Schern, president of Moab Paper.

Schern continued, "This is quickly leading to the creation of more varieties in material with different surface textures and colors allowing the photographer to more closely match the original intent. The second area of growth for Moab Paper is foreseen by the accessibility of this technology and the growing number of self-printers leading to an increasing volume of prints. As this market continues to grow and transition, an emerging market of products to store, share, and present these new prints will emerge."

Hahnemühle USA (, North American distributors of media from Hahnemühle Fine Art GmbH, recently announced the addition of two new inkjet papers. New Photo Rag Satin 310 gsm maintains the same surface characteristics as all the Photo Rag papers, Satin will take on a "satin" or "luster" look where there is a printed image yet remain matte on the perimeters. Photo Rag Satin is ideal for photographic and fine art reproduction where a slight surface variation is desired. This paper works well with both dye and pigment inks. Hahnemühle's new Photo Rag Bright White 310 gsm paper provides a brighter white base and is designed to give extra brilliance to both color and monochrome images. The coated side of this paper provides excellent image sharpness and optimum color gradation.

Media Street Offers new Inkjet System for Fine Art

Media Street, Inc., ( announced a new archival black and white inkjet system designed by fine art photographer and digital imaging consultant Richard Wolfson. This new printing solution incorporates Media Street 's new Generations QuadBlack (GQ) pigment ink set, a selection of photographic and fine art papers plus special software to produce exhibition quality black & white photographic prints. With the GQ Ink and software bundle, artists and printmakers can produce museum-quality prints, even with an entry-level sub-$100 printer such as the Epson R200.

The Generations QuadBlack solution prints a long, smooth gray scale from the lightest highlights to the deepest shadows without banding, posterization, or other artifacts. And the variable-tone GQ ink set lets users make cold, warm, neutral, or split tone (platinum) prints without changing inks, simply by selecting from the included library of pre-calibrated printing curves.

"With the intoduction of this printing solution," notes Norm Levy, president of Media Street, "photographers and imagers of all levels can finally print museum-quality black and white prints as easily as color. We have created a complete system of Media Street inks, media, and digital technology to make breathtaking black and white prints on desktop or wide-format printers."

In addition to Photo Black ink for resin-coated media and Matte Black ink for matte and watercolor media, the Generations QuadBlack ink set incorporates two cold gray inks and two warm gray inks. Users prepare images in grayscale (monochrome) mode then print through special software that partitions image data into multiple ink channels under control of pre-calibrated printing curves.

The complete Generations QuadBlack printing solution designed by Richard Wolfson includes the following components: The newly formulated Generations QuadBlack 100% pigment-based ink set.. Special printer driver (RIP) software for direct ink control in all printer channels according to predefined printing curves. Media Street 's high quality matched print media including microporous resin coated photographic media, high-definition photo matte papers, and inkjet coated watercolor style papers. A library of printing curves for each combination of supported printer and media type. Special ICC preview profiles for soft proofing images on calibrated displays. Complete documentation, including a guide to black and white digital printing written by designer Richard Wolfson specifically to help artists, photographers and hobbyists create black and white prints that fully express their creative vision.