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2002 Printer Processor Buyer's Guide


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MasterFlex Analog. C-41 minilab printer/processor-35mm, APS, 1,000 prints/hr., 1.3 sq. m. of floor space, up to 8 x 10 prints and many options such as index prints and passport photos. The MasterFlex Analog may be upgraded to a MasterFlex Digital. [M, D]

MasterFlex Digital. All-in-one: Film and Paper processor, digital printer and the possibility of processing the digital media with a footprint of only 14.8 sq. ft. Regardless of whether the photos are captured on film or delivered in data form on various media (floppy, CD-Rom, Zip, PC-Card, SmartMedia and the Internet) and in different formats, the minilab produces excellent results. Designed for flexibility and ease of use with its touch-screen monitor. [M, D]

digital4master Upgrade Kit. The compact system accepts input from digital cameras, photos on CDs and photo floppy disks. Flatbed and film scanner support enables input from traditional prints, 35mm film, slides and APS. The unit is connected via its high speed network interface to a wide variety of digital photo printers; including inkjet, laser, dye-sub, silver halide printers, large format printers and digital minilabs. [M, D]

NetPrinter Digital. Allows input from a broad range of digital and analog sources, including: developed 35mm or APS film (B&W, color negative or transparency), conventional prints, digital camera media (PCMCIA, Smart Cards, Memory Stick), digital storage media (Zip, CD, floppy) or downloads from the Internet. The software allows the operator to easily rotate, color correct, remove red-eye, crop, add text, add borders, and complete a wide range of other digital enhancements. The NetPrinter Digital Station is designed to produce high-quality photographs on CDs, floppies, uploads to the Internet, index prints, and digital files (images) on standard, low cost, RA4 photographic paper and prints up to 12 x 18 inches. [C, P, B, S]

Mileca Digital Printer. High-speed digital printing directly on standard RA-4 reflective or backlit display photographic paper; produces up to 12 inches wide prints and unlimited length prints; 500 dpi max resolution; high speed continuous roll-to-roll operation.

Refrema Mini Film Processor. E-6, C-41, B&W: 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film, Fire 1000 film. Production rate from 40-72 films/hour depending on model; double timer control system, 5 hanger loading magazine, varied replenishment systems; CE approved.

Refrema Compact Film Processor. E-6/C-41/b&w: 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet film, Fire 1000 film. Production rate from 80 to 250 films/hour depending on model; 2-speed, 4-point lift system; user-defined configuration; push/pull capabilities to 5-second increments; varied replenishment systems; daylight and darkroom configurations available. [C, P]

Refrema OL Film Processor. E-6/C-41/b&w: 35mm, APS, 120/220, sheet, Fire 1000 film. Production rate from 300 to 600 films/hour, depending on model; available options include automatic hanger return system; long-time jump-over; snip test retrieval doors; daylight/darkroom configuration available; CE approved. [C, P]

Refrema Continuous Film Processor. E-6/C-41/b&w/Koda-chrome handling 16mm through 70mm film formats. Single and dual-strand configurations; range: 8 ft./min to 110 ft./min; longer profile racks and dryer transports minimize film stress; final exit vacuum squeegee system; humidity and heat controlled dryer; unique tension-control drive system. [C, P]

GPE Leaderbelt Processor. RA-4/b&w paper processor for 35mm contact prints through 30 inches widths. Single and twin configurations available; range: 21 ft./min to 130 ft./min; special process configurations available; energy saving; PC-based or PLC controls; turbine or pump replenishment system available. [P]

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Hostert Film and Paper Processors. German designed and manufactured photographic film and paper processors.


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